12 Time Management Tips For Homemakers


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The star of this letter is TIME, the ever-elusive entity. One thing we have to realise is we can’t manage time. We have to manage ourselves, to make the best of our time.  Here are 12 management tips for homemakers, to master the time monster.

It is not necessary to achieve them all at once. Select the most important ones for your tasks. Keep the rest in mind, it will be needed at a later stage. Set up a schedule and follow it step by step.


I once read this story about, time management, many years ago and it had such an impact on me and I would love to share it with you.

12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers

  Prioritise Your Time

12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers, story of the professor the Glass Bottle, Rocks, Stones, and sandA philosophy professor, once, decided to teach the students some valuable lessons about Time Management. This is one of such Moral Stories on time management to teach the value of time. So he stood before his class with some items on the table.

When the class began, wordlessly he picked up a big and empty jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks, about 2 inches in size. He then looked towards the class and asked the students if the jar was full. They all agreed to it that it was full.

So the professor then moved to pick up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar gently. The pebbles, of course, rolled through the gaps between the rocks.

Then again he looked up to the students and asked if the jar was full. They all again shook their heads in agreement.

For the last time, he turned towards a jar, and this time, picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar and shook it lightly. Of course, the sand moved into the gaps and filled up everything else.

He then asked one last time if the jar was full or not. The students were surprised but responded with a unanimous “Yes.”

“Now,” said the professor, “I want you to realise that this jar is your life. The rocks are the important things – your family, your children, your health, your partner – things that are everything. if nothing remained but only these then your life would still be full.

Pebbles are the other things that matter – like your job, your career, your house.

Sand is everything else. The small and unimportant stuff.”

“If you put the sand (unimportant stuff) into the jar first,” he continued “there is no space for the pebbles (career, job) or the rocks (family, children).

Moral of the Story:

The same goes for your life.

If you keep on filling the jar with the sand means if you keep on spending all your time and energy on the pity things. You will never have room for the things that are prime for you.

Pay attention to the things that are valuable to your happiness. Spend some time with your children. Take your partner out for dinner. You will never be out of time to go to work, offer a dinner party, help your spouse in cleaning the house, and fix the disposal.

First and foremost, Focus on the rocks – the things that matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”

Interestingly enough, every section of life has its priorities, for instance, your relationships, raising your kids, your social life, house cleaning etc. Find the best way to use every minute of your time.

You can not save time or store it. Once it has gone under the bridge it is wasted, you can never get it back.


12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers, Pocket Watches, Timepieces, Time


12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers

What is time management in the workplace? Time Management and good planning allow you to do more in a shorter period.

For instance, create systems to fit your lifestyle.

A good homemaker adapts, tweak and additionally, rearrange and create better new systems according to situations. You have to adapt, adopt and renew.

Nothing ever stays the same, therefore, keep improving and keep it functional.

When you decide to become a homemaker, firstly, realise you join a services industry.

You do not serve the public, as in the case of the banks or hospitals, but instead, you are serving your family. This is very different and with its own flexible rules.

With that in mind, it is easy to get excited. Household tasks take on another meaning.

Fill your days with enthusiasm and joy, because your task enhances the quality of your family.

Unfortunately, some housewives are just plain lazy and not to mention, the bad reputation it gives a stay-at-home Mom.

In any other career, there are also the lazy self-centred people, who take the shortest cut to get a job done. They can never be a good team player, Success depends on your habits and the kind of person you are. A loser is unhappy and most of all finds it hard to change.


12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers

How to manage time wisely

  • Not only committed to getting the job done but to the best of your ability, also don’t get distracted.

  • Have an estimated schedule. What will it take to get the task done? In the beginning, do the tasks with a timer to know how long it takes.

  • A system and a routine ultimately make it easier. Not everybody can do it, but make use of a task board.

  • Declutter the home one room at a time. Take things away that is standing around and not necessary.

  • Start your day early. It is amazing to see how much more you get done.

  • Leave a room as you have found it. It only takes a minute or two to fluff the cushions on the couch and empty the ashtrays. Teach your family the habit to follow that rule. Turn tasks into habits.


12 Time Management Tip For Homemakers


“The first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog.” –

Mark Twain


This is the best explanation I have heard when you have a task you loathe. Do it first thing because you will most probably procrastinate on it.  Get it out of the way, and the rest will be easy.  Mark was a very wise man.


  Typical Household Activities

  • Cleaning of hot spots first thing. Places used frequently, for instance, the bathroom and TV room.

  • Now it is time to clean the rest of the house.
  • Laundry.

  • Meal planning, preparation and cleaning the kitchen.

  • Food and household shopping once a week.

  • Be able to fix repairs, alterations and improvements on a basic level. Have a basic toolbox in the kitchen.

  • Get up early and be done by noon.

  • Shower and get dressed with care.

  • If you have kids, keep the afternoon free after school activities.

12  Time Management Tips For Homemakers

* How to be Efficient

  • Get organised and create a Responsibility Corner in the centre of the busiest area in the home where it is easy to see.

  • This corner is the heartbeat of a home, where everything happens from. It is …

~ A central place to keep keys, calendar, time schedules.

~ Important notices. Memo of meetings,

~ Keep track of appointments and events.

~ List of everybody’s responsibilities.

~  Birthday calendar

~ Most importantly have a gratitude section, where everybody pays tribute.

  • Plan ahead. Therefore have a plan B, just in case something out of the ordinary happens.

  • Leave time for the unexpected.

  • Make a to-do list every day and plan your day accordingly.

  • Start early and do every task properly. However, never go back to a finished job.

  • Do not stop until a job is done, in other words, feel satisfied.

  • Eliminate clutter. Make sure an item serves a purpose and above all, fits in its own space.

  • Have all the tools ready to start a job, therefore, keep cleaning products where it is needed.

  • Priorities. Do the hard tasks first while you are fresh. It gives satisfaction and makes you feel motivated to do the rest.

  • Take a 5-minute break in between each task. Pour a glass of cold water or juice and enjoy it, celebrate what you already have achieved. You will get up energetic and refreshed to do the next task.


12 Time Management Tasks for Homemakers

* Different Categories

Homemakers’ tasks can be divided into 3 categories. Daily, weekly and monthly tasks.  You can also decide to do the shortcut way with other rooms and clean one room at a time thoroughly.

Identify hot spots that need cleaning every day and do them first.

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To recap:

Everyday Tasks

  • Kitchen cleaning – a hot spot

  • Cleaning the Bathroom – hot spot

  • Preparing of meals – a hot spot

  • Sweeping the crumbs

  • Vacuuming if needed

  • Feeding pets

  • Dusting if needed

  • Laundry every other day.

Once a week Tasks

  • Deep clean one room at a time.

  • The dusting of window sills, picture frames, doors and skirting on the floor.

  • Special care with laundry, the washing of the bed linen, removing of spots and washing of delicate items.

  • Vacuum and mop the floors.

  • Watering pot plants.

  • Taking out the trash

  • Wipe the light switch at each door.

  • Spot clean the furniture and carpets.

Monthly Tasks

  • Cleaning of the windows

  • Attend to furniture, clean upholstery and oil wooden and leather furniture.

  • Bathing of pets.

  • Defrost and clean refrigerator and freezer.

  • Clean behind and under the fridge and stove.

  • Change or wash air filters on a furnace or air conditioner and don’t forget the stove extractor fan.

  • Dust blinds at windows and the ceiling fans.

  • Vacuum or wash curtains room by room.

  • Wash the carpets one room at a time.

Develop a routine according to your lifestyle, most of all, a routine that fits the whole family.

Nobody needs to be perfect. Happiness is more important. This is just a guideline.



 12 Time Management Tips For Homemakers

Let’s make a list of all the ideas and tips.

  1. Have a schedule for your cleaning plan, put it up at the Responsibility corner. Save time for fun too.

  2. Do a task well the first time, don’t ever go back when done.

  3. Never over-commit your time, Know how long it takes to finish a task, rather give more time.

  4. Prioritise. Determine what is important and do it first, make it a habit.

  5. Do your planning with a purpose, always ask, why do I have to do this?

  6. Develop routines, most of all, it should suit your lifestyle.

  7. Allow time for the unexpected, on the contrary, you never know what will happen.

  8. Set goals for yourself and your time. Not only to be efficient but for self-esteem, feel proud of yourself when it is done.

  9. Focus on one task at a time.

  10. To eliminate or minimise distractions, lock the door, as well as, let friends know you will be busy and not available.

  11. Make it a team effort and delegate tasks to family members.

  12. Outsource certain tasks, for instance, washing of windows and tasks in the garden.


 Creating a Routine

Getting started with the places that can get smelly is a good idea, for instance, the kitchen and bathroom. If unexpected visitors come early you will be ready for them. A clean kitchen to make a cup of tea and a clean bathroom if they need to refresh.

A routine that systematically becomes a habit is a good way to implement new ideas into your work schedule.  Create a routine that suits your lifestyle and build it to perfect your system. Make it easy to maintain.

A good routine goes hand in hand with a disciplined attitude. Maintain the effort to stick to your routine, create a formula for success, and as a result, your goals will be met.

On the other hand, a very strict and rigid routine is the killer of all creation and initiative. It only gives house cleaning a bad reputation. Therefore apply your routine with a twist of adventure to keep it alive and interesting.


12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers

 Suggested Daily Schedule

Start early, wake up at 5.30 am.

Get ready and dress to kill. Have funky clothes when cleaning the house, for instance, a red top and purple pants, a green top and blue pants or a pink top and orange pants and sneakers. Add a black and white polka dot scarf to keep the sweat running.

Look classy and well put together, hair neat and a little lipstick. Never in pyjamas or old sloppy clothes and slippers. This will make such a difference!

Be ready at 6.00 am.

~ Prepare breakfast and see everybody off.

~ Firstly cleans the kitchen it is the heartbeat of the home. Wash the dishes, clear and wipe the surface areas and stove, simultaneously empty the dustbin.

~ Secondly tackle the bathroom. Add a cleaning solution to the toilet bowl and let it sit for a while, while you clean. Put away stuff standing around and clean the basin, wipe the surface areas and the mirror.

~ Clean the bath, and shower floor with sanitiser.

~ Spray the tiles and wipe down, and lastly wipe the taps with a dry cloth until shiny.

~ Use a toilet brush and clean the bowl of the toilet. Sanitise the toilet seat on top, as well as underneath.

~ Lastly, empty the dustbin.

Have a cup of tea and relax for 15 min.


Next is the living or TV room.

~ Open the windows and air the room.

~ Put all the clutter lying around into a specially provided box, in the corner. Everybody can collect later.

~ In the case of smoking in the house, emptying and washing of ashtrays is most certainly a priority.

~ Fluff all cushions and move furniture back to its place.


The Bedrooms are next.

~ Everybody should make their beds, and put away their stuff in cupboards and drawers.

~ Open windows to air the room.

~ All clothes lying around go into a box in the main bedroom, for collection with a penalty, most importantly, to teach them responsibility. If not, there will be a penalty.

~ Empty dustbins.12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers Woman sweeping or mopping the floor

~ Sweep or mop tile floors, especially in the kitchen if needed.

~ When done in a room, close the windows and also the curtains. Spay with an atomiser to keep the room fresh and lastly, close the door.

~ On a laundry day while busy in the kitchen,  simultaneously, load the washing machine and unload it when you hear the ding dong.

~ If a room needs dusting, take an extra 10 minutes per room and dust all the surfaces, especially, during the dusty season.

~ Lastly, attend to the menu of the evening. Do some preparations, most importantly, defrost the meat and at the same time, peel the veggies.



12 Time Management Tips for Homemakers

After all, are clean and done

~ Freshen up or shower, be ready to receive the family home.

~ Equally important, plan a moment of rest in your schedule before the afternoon starts. Sit comfortably or lie down even if just for 10 or 15 minutes.

~ Relax and read or listen to music. Set a timer in case you fall asleep, for example, this is what we call a power nap.

~ Welcome the kids home with a smile and a hug. Your behaviour set their mood for the afternoon. At the same time, listen to what they have to tell you, it has a positive effect on them.

~ While making them a sandwich after school, talk about what happened during their day.

~ Enjoy lunch with them, as a result, it will create loving memories.

~ After lunch send them off to change and to rest a little before homework starts.

~ Meanwhile, attend to the evening meal and do the prep work.

~ Be available to help with homework tasks and most of all, make sure homework is done properly. It must be their pride.

~ While they go off to play, you can do the cooking.


Time Management Tips for Homemakers




A day in the life of a homemaker should never be boring. It is a decision you made, in other words, a mindset you have chosen.

Train your brain to be happy. As you clean have gratitude for all you have and the memories that go with it. It must never be a chore.

Therefore, feel happy and content with your choice. Never let influences from outside dictate your style.

12 Time Management Tips For Homemakers. You are your own boss. Woman relaxing under an umbrella with a cooldrink.


This picture says it all

You are your boss, and therefore, can organise your day to benefit you.

Think of it this way, every career has its chores. Tasks that are not liked. For instance, at the office, it might be filing or meeting after meeting, a demanding boss or travelling. Every office has its problems and worst of all, toxic people.

While, at home, you are among your loved ones, consequently, your task is to create a loving harmonious home and lifestyle. You are the one in charge.

What a privilege!

Until next time, take care!

 Mom Estelle

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