A Family Affair


An Over View

Thinking about the days when I grew up, is always a pleasure. Reminiscing about what happened when we were young and all the experiences we had are priceless. Thinking back, how we enjoyed the simple things and how happy we were. Parents were present and more involved, and families and communities had close bonds. 


A Family Affair

A Tribute to My Parents

This journey starts with gratitude.

Who they are and what they stand for, made this all possible. They were not perfect by all means but were balanced, straightforward, honest and down-to-earth people. 


My parents were born very early in the previous century and experienced so many world events over nine decades.


They had a wonderful relationship. She adored him and he was a good provider. There were disagreements, for sure yes, but never arguments, name-calling or shouting.

My Parents

Photo of my parents Willie and Mien Kok

Willie and Mien Kok

Both were very wise, balanced and always set a good example.


Dad was respected wherever he went. He was a strict man with a very kind heart. Would stick to his values no matter what. With good planning, Dad accomplished a lot on a teacher’s salary. 

As an example, my Dad never owed anybody any money. He even bought his cars and houses in cash, with no debt ever. Dad had the wisdom and patience to wait until he had saved enough to buy cash by saving and not spending. He had a second income that helped though.


Mum was the kindest, caring and most supportive person, an excellent cook and a good organiser. She did all her planning in advance. Making lists of everything. Experience taught her to always have a plan B and never leave anything until the last moment.

Must say she had a Malawian guy, John Maseke as her right hand. He could do it all, knitting, cooking, dry cleaning, you think of it and he could do it. He was part of the household for more than 50 years, and with his help, all functions were done to near perfection.


Money was never too much, just enough, but love and care were in abundance. As an only child, I received it all. They were the best parents and gave me an open mindset to grow. I was and still am, very lucky and proud.


 With ‘Letters to my Granddaughter’ I honour and keep my parents’ legacy alive. What I am sharing in these letters, I mostly learned from them.



The Changes

These Letters to my Granddaughter are all about creating a lifestyle with good habits, for a happy and successful life.

Thinette my Granddaughter

I do understand that changes are inevitable. Over time, political, social and family lifestyle changes do happen. In this process, certain core values got lost along the way.


Looking through the eyes of an old-school soul, it is hard to compare it to today’s life.  Honest and sincere people, especially in business, in other words, people with integrity, are kind of hard to find.


Most people today, have a self-centred lifestyle and appearances to maintain. They so desperately want to fit into a hollow society. It is more important to them to have an image than to be themselves. The poor kids are the ones to suffer most.


The worst of all is the quality of all products. It has been diluted to the extent that you hardly recognise the flavour or taste of the product we all grew up with. Is there nothing one can do about it?


Our older generation grew up, with a different set of values than the young adults of today. Therefore, it makes it sometimes hard to understand the new ways.


Life has changed, from the warm caring families and close-knit communities to the clinical impersonal cold, competitive societies of today. Why did that happen, can we blame it on the digital intervention?


Even the way we eat has changed dramatically. From wholesome natural food to genetically modified synthetic products, hardly recognisable as healthy hearty food.


Forgive me for ranting and raving, all is not bad though. Many advantages came with the new millennium.  We have greater choices worldwide in almost everything. Just think how easy it is to connect with people on the other side of the world and talk to them face to face.


New technology is everywhere and has also given the world a bigger marketplace. You can buy anything from everywhere in the world without a middle man and you are not restricted to just your own country.


The modern techno lifestyle has many advantages, I love it and there are still many good people around making it worthwhile.




This was more than a mouthful, and now you know exactly who Estelle is … lol. I am an old soul with a modern twist.


May it be, that some of the letters interest you enough to read a few and agree or disagree. It will be good to hear from you, tell me what you think ……


Inspire, Motivate and Empower the Next Generation.

Kind regards

Granny Stella



These letters are certainly not by any means professional advice. It is a reflection of my own experiences and what I was taught. Therefore, only forward practical experiences to my dearest granddaughter Thinette, and for that matter, each one reading.


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