Be Kind to Others

Dear Thinette



Being kind is a positive attitude, my dear, subsequently it held many benefits. To be kind to others, is a choice you make. It is a mindset that spontaneously triggers good-will.

When last have you heard someone say  “Oh thank you very much, it was so kind of you!”

For example, if you drop something or stumble and fell, most people turn their heads, look the other way, and carry on with their business.

I had such an experience in town the other day, and utter those words with the greatest gratitude.


Be Kind to Others

This is how it happened, my dear. Talking to someone I walked backwards, and obviously, missed the step. Falling down, the content of my bag spill all over the pavement.


A guy came from out of nowhere, reached out his hand, helped me to my feet, gathered all the items and assist me to the car carrying the bag.

That was real-old-world behaviour, consequently I was so grateful.How to be kind to others, person-helping-someone-who-fell

To be kind to someone, does not mean to be nice, but to be kind is a voluntary act of will?


There is a huge difference, my dear. Doing something for someone else with the sole benefit of their well-being is a true act of caring. No payment or favours in return, that is real Kindness.


How many people you know, will go out their way to help, but would not want anything in return.

Helping others comes naturally and it makes them happy.


It is not only acts that define a kind person, but as a matter of fact, the respect you show.

Be sensitive to others feelings, and at the same time, be aware of the words you speak and the way you act.


Don’t do anything that will hurt people physically or emotionally.



Difference between being Kind and being Nice.


  • Being kind to someone, is doing something to enhance their life. An act of sincerity from the heart.


Kindness is how we lift others up and make them feel special … it is an unselfish act because, it is all about THEM


  • To be nice to someone is to treat people well and to be polite but could just be lip serves, a smile or empty words.


Being Nice is how we try to impress others and climb the social ladder … it is all about YOU.


Kindness have boundaries too, I choose to be kind, but will protect my loved ones first, and then the rest.


The Behaviour Of Kind People


• Always think of others safety and comfort first.


• They are honest and sincere in all they do


Respect all people and things


•Never take anything or anybody for granted

• Give praise when deserved

• To be generous and share easily


• Stay positive and always find a solution


• Be kind to their parents and the elderly


• To have a friendly nature and connect easily with strangers



How To Be Kind to Others, Quote: Be-the-Person-that-makes-others-feel-Special-

Acts of Kindness

Remember it Costs Nothing


• Walk around in the Shopping Mall and smile at everybody


• Give someone a compliment on how they look


• Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru


• Let someone with only a few items to pay, goes ahead of you in the line


• Purchase extra at the grocery store and donate it to a food container


• Buy flowers and hand it to someone at random


• Offer to take someones trolly back if it is on your way


• Stop and help someone, as an example, help change a flat tire along the road


• Post sticky notes with validating or uplifting messages around for people to find, the notice board, Coffee and tea station and bathrooms


• Compliment a colleague on their achievement

• Send an encouraging text to someone who feels down

• Bake something as a surprise, for teatime at work

• Let a car into the traffic in front of you.

• Wash someone else’s car, most probably, the elderly neighbour


• Take freshly baked cookies to new neighbours making them feel welcome


• Pay the bus fare of the person behind you in the queue

Look around and always be aware, someone might need assistance or your help



How to Identify a Kind Person in Public


  • At restaurants, they are always polite to the waiters, for example, they tip well. Give the waiters a compliment on their serves and the food.


  • They are kind to cashiers and salespeople.


  • Never raise their voices or be impatient.


  • They do not criticise or discuss other people and their behaviour, in other words they do not gossip.


  • Never forget to welcome a new neighbour with freshly-baked muffins, an old tradition, but long forgotten.


  • Admit when they are wrong and apologizes easily.


  • The way they talk about and to their parents says it all, in addition, they should always be respectful.


  • Connect easily and compliment strangers.  Have the confidence to start a conversation with a stranger, you won’t believe what a difference it will make.


How to be kind to each other, forms a basic part of one’s character and personality.


Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Respect is always shown by a kind person.



What can I do to become a Kind Person


  • Have a positive mindset and attitude of kindness, as a result, it will come naturally from within, and gives you pleasure.


  • The easiest way is to start by smiling at strangers. It lifts your spirit and is anti-ageing. What better reason to be kind.


  • Let someone in front of you in the shopping lane. If you are not in a hurry, let them be next.


 how to be kind to others, someone giving a person in need a pair of shoes


  • Help someone in need, maybe an elderly, take their trolley back, help them cross the road or handing someone your shoes, for instance, they might not have any.


  • Buy some flowers or bake cookies to share with a friend. Popping in a when they feel down, giving them a little parcel of surprise, will subsequently lift their day.



  • Be polite. Good manners are part of your character and define who you are, in other words, earn respect for good manners.


  • As a surprise leave some money somewhere for someone to find, or hand extra money to someone in need.


Pay for the items of the person behind you at the till. By the content of the basket, you will to be able see if they will appreciate it.


The positive atmosphere it creates is contagious, and above all, it is exciting.



Health Benefits of Being Kind


It releases the feel-good hormone, endorphins, which in return, creates neurotransmitters for a good mood.


Builds self-esteem, because, it makes you feel better about yourself.


The warm feeling you get releases oxytocin, known as a ‘cardioprotective’ hormone and is ,at the same time, good for heart health.


When Oxytocin, also known as the ‘love’ hormone is released and help with establishing bonds in relationships.


It makes you feel you have accomplished something,  most importantly, it gave your life a purpose in your community.


Being kind makes you more relaxed, as a result keeps you mentally stimulated. With good positive deeds you can definitely, combat depression.


Most of all it makes you happy!




In this technology-driven society, it becomes so important to have and best of all, practise more warm kindness.

We live in such a diverse world, simultaneously, it is easy to be judgemental.


 How To Be Kind to Others, Quote, Choose Being Kind and You Will Always Be Right


Kindness is the glue of tolerance to keep us grounded and together. We should therefore, look at each other with more caring eyes.

Agree and accept to be different. Find a way to make the world a better place to live in, and at the same time, support each other.


A person can be trained to be nice to other people, but you cannot train a person to be kind.


Kindness comes from the heart and means to be honest, truthful and respectful in all your actions, ultimately it has to come from within.


Find yourself a Kind Man, my dear, and you will certainly always be happy.

Stay the wonderfully kind person you are.

Love you


Granny Estelle

Inspire, Motivate and Empower the Next Generation

4 Comments on “Be Kind to Others”

  1. Stella,

    First, this is a wonderful way to get across an idea that — were it not in the context of a letter to a loved one — might come across as preachy. Rather, it comes as welcomed advice and encouragement.

    Second, I couldn’t agree more about the distinction between kindness and being “nice.” In fact, “kindness” is one of those words that are vanishing from the English language, like “valor” and “virtue” and even “courage” and “duty.” Those words all seem to be about others or deference to others.

    So thank you for the reminder!


    1. So many good virtues are getting lost in society today, good values being made out as unnecessary.
      Thank you for stopping by and a valuable comment.
      You are welcome!

  2. I love Guidance With Granny and Thinette is lucky to have you and your wisdom. Being kind to one another is so important and we need more people to remember and act on it. I was brought up with a kind family and I passed that on to my children. It’s really easy to treat others with kindness and the benefits are amazing. Thank you for sharing this uplifting article on how to be kind to each other. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Tracy
      How lucky you were to grew up with kindness, it is a blessing!
      Those of us who know it, can not imagine the void there is without it.
      Thank you for sharing and wonderful comment.
      I appreciate you stopping by.
      Kind regards

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