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Ever wished for a handsome strong muscled handyman with a tool belt, to come to your rescue when in trouble? Someone who can magically fix the problem? Unfortunately, some have to have their own homemaker’s portable toolbox and fix their problems.

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A portable toolbox is a handy option to store all your tools right there in the kitchen, my lady. You do get a ready-made toolbox kit at the hardware store, but I prefer to handpick my tools.

Here is a comprehensive list, but choose the ones you will need.

In a hardware shop, get aquatint with the different tools before you buy.  It has to feel comfortable in your hand, and have to know what it is used for. Select an empty box and fill it with your choice of tools.

After use, it is good practice to clean and store it where it belongs. Keep this box under the sink in the kitchen or on the floor in the linen cupboard.

Homemaker’s Portable Toolbox

Your Safety

Before we start, SAFETY FIRST, cannot be stressed enough.

It is so important to know the abilities of every tool not to risk injury. It can be a dangerous object if not handled correctly. Read the instructions or ask for advice.

Use gloves to protect your hands and most of all use safety glasses to protect your eyes, no matter what you do. Make it a habit.

The safety masks it there to protect your nose and lungs from the dust. Over a long period, the eyes get irritated and you can develop dry eye syndrome, you have watery eyes all the time.

When using the hammer, staple gun or drill, anytor hing making a loud noise, use your earplugs, please.

My husband neglected to protect his ears when he was younger, thinking it was not necessary when he used a grinder and a drill. Today he wishes he did because his hearing is deteriorating and he is getting deafer by the day.

It is wise to prevent rather than cure.


Homemaker’s Portable Tool Box


HammerHomemaker portable tool box. Hammer with a claw

Select the smaller Flathead hammer with a claw to remove nails easily.

It can be used to hang pictures on the wall, it is wise to hold the nail with pliers, so as not to hit your fingers.

Another hint is to paste a piece of masking tape on the spot you want to put the nail, it secures the plaster on the wall.



Preferably with magnet ends to hold the screw.

There are two kinds of screwdrivers, a flat head and a Phillips with a star end.

Medium flat head

Small flat head

 Phillips or star screwdriver  1 medium

A very small Phillips and star screwdriver, to fix those pesky screws falling from the frame of your glasses.



 Medium pliers

It has a covered grip for your hands and is used to hold objects in place, like a nail when hitting it in the wall and to bend wires if needed.


Measuring tape

The normal 3-meter tape is long enough.

A measuring tape is essential when you need to measure the window for curtains.

Measuring spaces to fit furniture.

Group a few pictures to hang on the wall.


Cordless Drill

A cordless drill with a set of bits is handy. It can be used in remote corners, with no need for an electric plug nearby. Remember to charge the battery the day before if you know you are going to need it. Rather, read the instructions on how and when to charge to prolong the life of the battery.

Handy for more advanced projects involving screws and plugs to secure an item.

It is wise to practice beforehand how to use the drill. Use a piece of wood and drill a few holes to get the confidence to tackle your project.


Homemaker’s Portable Toolbox

Adjustable Wrench

It is an adjusting spanner to hold nuts when fastening bolts. Best to get a medium one.

Not used frequently but handy when you want to stabilise and fasten bolts on wooden furniture.

Secure the size on the nut at the back and turn the bolt with pliers or another wrench or shifting spanner.


Staple Gun

Get the smaller gun, specifically used for upholstery.

Very handy when covering furniture, it secures the tightened fabric to the wooden frame.


Spirit Level

30 cm level will be sufficient.

A spirit level has a bubble in a window horizontally and vertically to make sure the object is level.

Very handy to use in conjunction with your measuring tape.

For better functioning, it is good to level your fridge and freezer and your stove for even cooking.



I medium saw

The crosscut has smaller blades which make cutting easier.

Cutting of the boards or dowel sticks for hobbies,

Minor branches in the garden.


Stanley Knife

Widely used for the precise cutting of plastic and cardboard.

It is a very sharp and dangerous cutting tool. Handle with care.


Accessories for Homemaker’s Portable Toolbox

Safety glasses

Make it a habit to put your safety glasses on first thing when opening your toolbox.

When putting a nail in the wall goes wrong, that nail can become a missile and hit you in the eye.

Dust can easily get into your eye when drilling or sawing.


A pair of safety gloves

Protect your hands from bruises and cuts while you work. It is easy to focus elsewhere and get injured.


Safety mask

Your lungs are your life, protect your breathing channels with care. Wear a safety mask when you know your job will kick up some dust.



Needless to say, the consequences will be if you neglect to use your earplugs. You can never be too cautious.

Paintbrushes and a paint tray

Select your brushes for the job and look after them with great care.

When done wash them immediately in thinners or water according to instructions.

Rinse them and hang them to dry.


Thinners and a container

Different paints need different cleaners, alcohol-based or oily based to clean your brushes and any spills. Some paints can be cleaned with plain water too.

Store-bought chemicals such as Thinners or Paraffin.

Clean the used brushes in an old jam or coffee tin and hang them in place.

Be meticulous with this, and keep your brushes as good as new.



Different glues for different applications, there are glues for glass, wood, plastic and leather.

Make sure in the shop and buy the right one for success. Read the instructions.

Solutions for your sticky problems.

~  Ponal is a glue fixing most of your wooden problems and when dry it gets hard not flexible.

 ~ Pratley Products have a whole range of glues to assist you,  here are two of the most popular glues, Pratley Steel for metal, and Pratley Putty for the use of filling and moulding.  Both get very hard and are not flexible.

~ Super Glue for a super quick fix and gets very hard very quick.

~ Wanda Fix is the mixing of two components to form the glue to fix plastic leather and wood. This glue stays flexible and rubbery.

~ Poleobond for the use of fixing Fabrics, leather and wood. This popular glue also stays flexible and rubbery.

A  handy hint:  If you get glue all over the place, the way to get rid of the sticky stuff is to use Vaseline or anything with an oil base. When patient enough it will unstick Super Glue too

When living in a warm area like ours, it is good to store the glue in the fridge for longevity.


A magic rubbery substance to fill cracks. There are water-resisted silicons, normal and there are ones more heat resisted.



1 packet of each

Small nails for tacking,

Wire nails for wood 5 mm

Steel nails for hanging pictures on a wall 5 mm

You will seldom use the bigger nails unless you have a specific project. Select the ones you will need.

Screws and plugs

I packed 5 mm screws with the plugs to fit for smaller jobs.


Masking tape.

Very handy when you do a paint job and want to have a straight line or to protect the half you don’t want to paint.

Tape things together to make a job easier, it is not a permanent application but is used to assist.


Insulation tape

When you have to fix an electric plug to an electric wire, insulation tape is necessary. It will isolate the wires, keeping them apart and insulating each one not to touch and therefore cause the electricity to short.

Cable ties

Comes in many lengths.

About 20 mm long is a good size to have. If it is too long, you just cut the extra end off.

It holds together, tidy and secure, mostly wires but is used widely as a quick fix for many loose ends.



A headlight, fitting around your forehead with a band, is very handy when you need both hands to do a job.

A small flashlight to see in dark corners can hang on a string around your neck, so as not to slip or roll away from you.


Most of these tools are expensive, so it is good to select the ones you will use the most and put that in your toolbox.

Not necessary to get it all at once, but build your box as you need the tools.


Until next time ladies, take care and work safely.

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