How to be a Good Homemaker


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How to be a Good Homemaker

How to be a good homemaker is the backbone and strength behind every successful man and she is raising the future leaders. Very rewarding but challenging.


A good wife knows the importance of being a good homemaker too. Keeping the family together with skills to have a happy and warm home. Manage your home affairs with confidence, know what you are doing and know what you have to do.


Some people distance themselves from it and make it a non-descriptive lesser position. Instead, it should be respected as a choice, just like any other career and not looked down upon.


Being a wife and homemaker is not the easiest occupation on the planet. The diversity is endless, it is hard to give an exact job description. Many women are not up to this challenge.


Tong in the cheek  …  the advantages are, you barter your time and labour to have a place to stay with food and clothing, and in the same breath, you can quit or get fired. There is no old-age pension or a retirement package, but the advantage is, that you are sleeping with the boss.


The Role of a Homemaker

The role of a partner as a homemaker is to love, respect, appreciate, support, encourage, adore and desire each other. A couple is equal shareholders in the household and is a team.


As the mother of the home, you have to love, guide, discipline, encourage, and nurture your children. Tend to minor injuries with tender loving care, most importantly, guiding and teaching them to be responsible adults.


Tend to all relevant matters with love, kindness and compassion. You are the kingpin at home and therefore, take your responsibilities seriously.


You organise and plan meals, do the shopping, and do the preparation. In society, you extend your hospitality and lend a helping hand.


To find acknowledgement from society means you get accepted and are recognised as a successful individual. Your standards, actions and behaviour are accepted in society.


It will mean; I see you, I respect you, you are significant.


Have ambition and always strive to better yourself as a wife and mother. There are many websites with excellent information and skills to learn from. You can turn an obstacle into a strategy. Any obstacle is a challenge and motivates you to turn it into a victory.


Make the time and find a hobby to fulfil your creative talents. Master the skills whether it is a sport, art or cooking. Become an authority, it will boost your confidence.


How to be a Good Homemaker


What is a Homemaker


What is a Homemaker, Illustration of My wife sitting in a messy kitchen

Borrowed from Quora.

I would love to share this piece of wisdom with you.  Every homemaker needs to read this ever so often. It is a good inspiration.

An astonished husband has returned home from the office to an amazing scene in the kitchen. 

Two little children are murdering each other while another tot is garroting the cat. 

There is a pile of last night’s dishes and a heap of dirty laundry.

Saucepans are burning, clouds of steam are rising, the floor is covered with smashed crockery and the dog has just upset the litter bin.

In the middle of this chaos is his wife, sitting in an easy chair with her legs up on the table. She is reading a novel and dipping into a box of chocolates, 

She says, ‘ I thought that the best way to let you see what I do all day, was not to do it.’  ” –   Shirley Conran.

That says it all!

Homemaker Compared

A  person working away from home spends about 70% or more at the office, and 30% at home. While a homemaker spends 95% of the time doing tasks and 5% is spent as Me time.  She never has a day off, on holiday all the duties still go on and most of all never can she go on pension.


The tasks of a homemaker are endless but never daunting. You have to have a plan. Time management and organisational skills are therefore very important in running a happy home. What is a homemaker, Man laughing at his wife;s choices.

Why be a Homemaker

Different options motivate a woman to become a dedicated Homemaker, but it is never a selfish decision.

In collaboration with your partner, make decisions as a team.

Will it be financially a proposition, does your partner earn enough money

You might have had a passion for homemaking as a career from a young age.

Not staying near any job opportunities, in a rural area or on a farm.

Health problems.

Children can be an important factor, especially when home-schooling.

Taking care of elderly parents.

Follow a career on the internet at home.

Your reasons.


How to be a Good Wife and Homemaker

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Homemaker

There are always two sides to a coin, let us find the positives and negatives of a Homemaker.


  • Being at home contributes to a happy lifestyle. With good planning and organisational skills, you set a tone of happiness.

  • Fewer expenditures on clothing accounts, no need to dress for an office.

  • No expenses for a cleaning lady or daycare fees if there are children.

  • All shopping gets done during quiet hours and good balanced healthy meals are provided.

  • Home-school your kids.

  • Help everybody to create good habits

  • Everything is more organised, cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping. etc.

  • You can create a specific ambience at home.



  • Not being able to rely on a second income.

  • Lack of recognition in public as a career.

  • Being isolated from the outside world.

  • Both partners should agree and be happy with the situation.

  • If you are a lazy housewife and nothing gets done.

  • Stay at home partners can get bored if they don’t have other interests.

Make Homemaking a Career

A good Homemaker knows the importance of having a good basis, and there is more to this than meets the eye.

Manage your home affairs with confidence, know what you are doing and know what you have to do.

The two most important elements are to develop the skills and where to find guidance when needed.


What is a homemaker, Welcome To Our Home, Welcome, Tablet

Skills Needed

Whether it’s cleaning, organising, cooking, budgeting or learning how to make your house a home. everyone needs some skill or expertise.

Stay calm. Learning to meditate, even just for 10 minutes, to have a peaceful and quiet moment is a good habit.

Find a way to learn more. Read a book on the subject, ask an expert in the family or take a course.

  • Planning and organising are the most important skills.

  • Discipline to stick to a routine.

  • Be confident in what you do. Confidence comes with knowledge.

  • Educate yourself. Take relevant courses and keep learning. Be flexible and compassionate.

  • Be a leader who guides without being a control freak.

  • Know how to clean and maintain your belongings,

  • Find your strengths and your weaknesses for tasks, and work with them.

  • Have a basic routine for every day.

  • Make lists to remember things and know how to prioritise.

  • Learn how to prepare healthy meals.

  • Create a schedule and stick to it.

  • Establish a Responsibility Corner. It will become the centre spot at home.

  • Have good general knowledge.

  • Stay informed of all the latest news to gain recognition at social events.

  • Always dress neatly and be well-groomed for the occasion. Have a funky outfit for cleaning.

  • Arrange a special alone time with your partner, every week.

  • Take time off to nourish yourself.

Create an atmosphere of warmth and safety. Let Home be a sanctuary and a soft place to land after a hard day.


What is a Homemaker, quote Doing what you like is Freedom. Like what you do is Happimess.

How to be a Good Homemaker

The Respect a Homemaker Deserve

As in any other facet of life, a homemaker has to earn respect, it is not just given on demand.


In the case of a Homemaker, the success of her duties is measured by the behaviour, happiness and physical appearance of her family, not the goods they possess.


How to Earn Respect

  • Appearances do matter. Always be well-groomed, Take good care of your skin, hair and body.

  • Take care of the appearances of the family too.

  • Dress and present yourself to make your family proud of you. Set a great example.

  • Get rid of old sloppy sweatpants and t-shirts, tear them up and clean the floor with them.

  • Buy a red pair of tights and a purple top with a polka dot scarf around your head as your cleaning outfit. Feel empowered and sexy.

  • Have a positive attitude, and be joyful and active.

  • Exercise regularly, and walk the dog if nothing else.

  • Have a general knowledge of many things and be able to fit into any social gatherings. Converse with ease and confidence on any subject with anybody.

  • Knowledge creates confidence, keep learning. Read every day.

  • Respect your living space and yourself, and take care of it as well as you can.

  • Join a local group of interest and make a difference.

If you follow the pillars of integrity Respect, Appreciation, Honesty and Loyalty you can never go wrong.



Responsibilities of a Homemaker

Daily tasks can be a never-ending situation if it is out of control. If you have a plan and schedule that suits your style, it becomes much easier.

Know how to plan and organise your daily tasks to make the wheels turn smoothly.

The dedication of a Homemaker does not differ from any other profession.

You are also the assistant at home to set the scene for the success of your

partner, in achieving his goals.


 What is a Homemaker. Positive attitude quote.

How to be a Good Wife and Homemaker

Golden Rules of a Homemaker

  1. Have a positive attitude with a vision.

  2.  Don’t take life too serious, laugh a lot and have fun.

  3. Be proud of what you do and who you are.

  4. Take care of your appearance, be well-groomed and dress hip every day.

  5. Bond with your home, decorate and clean it with pride.

  6. Stop whining, you have the privilege to be at home. Look around, appreciate what you have and be grateful.

  7. Get back in the kitchen, try something new and cook your heart out.

  8. Take time for yourself, and see your lady friends regularly.

  9. Be the best loving partner and mother.

  10. Have sex, Have sex, Have sex and talk dirty to your man in private.

  11. General knowledge is important. Know how certain things work.

  12. Learn something new every day.

  13. Know what is going on in the world, learn computer skills, and know the latest trends in fashion and décor, for instance, the minimalist trend. It will help you make good conversation and fit in at any social event.

ConclusionWhat is a homemaker, Image of a Super Mom,

No one is a Super Mom or Partner. You will fail in certain efforts, it is normal, don’t blame yourself.

Accept it, sulk a little, but get up and try again.


Find ways to make it fun. Visualise the unthinkable while doing a job, create a little play, and select your characters and actions. See the fun and laugh out loud while finishing the task.


The main mission is to create a happy atmosphere and most of all, enjoy what you do.


I would like to leave you with this wonderful creed of Betty Crocker.

Empower with a purpose, my dear.

Until next time, take care!

Your Mom Estelle


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11 Comments on “How to be a Good Homemaker”

  1. Hi Estelle

    You certainly have covered a lot of information about the role of a homemaker. Particularly the importance of making the decision to become a homemaker. This role certainly is threatened as a result of the “definition of success” shifting from one generation to the next.

    Thank you for sharing and teaching the granddaughters so much about this lost art.


    1. Hi Louise, I see many young ladies from the millennial age group, staying home Moms, but not Homemakers.
      Mostly you see it in their self-pride and dress code.

      Times have changed but there is always the need for a good Homemaker, whether you are working or staying at home. The family needs a warm loving place to come back to.

      Mom set the general atmosphere, friendly, understanding with compassion and love, not a cold indifferent atmosphere where everyone lives only for themselves.

      My sympathy lies with the Moms with a career outside the home, it is not easy if you want to create a loving atmosphere at home too. Here it is all about teamwork then!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a very motivating comment!

      Take care.

  2. Hi Estelle, Kind of started reading this and felt this wasn’t really an article for me being a single man but very interesting. From the outside looking in, I do kind of get it if you are cohabiting with others that are not at home during the day someone has to take care of all the mess etc.

    I do think though it shouldn’t always have to be so one-sided. Like if the man is out he should phone up if he is at the shop or whatever to see if there is anything the house needs. Even just do basic things wash up etc. cook a few nights a week, help out with cleaning and stuff.

    Also, with the kids you have to teach them good habits. Stuff like putting the milk back in the fridge, putting their rubbish in the bin, bringing plates and cups down from their room if they eat upstairs. It’s kind of important really as these habits follow them into adulthood.

    I think being a stay at home Mum is not always a luxury a lot of families can afford. My sister has to work and run a household. I think she would love some Man to come along and just pay for everything whilst she looks after the house but honestly I think she would be bored after a few months.

    Still a great article thanks for sharing.

    1. Agreed Alex, it is written more towards women in destress.
      Coming from a culture where every household have a domestic servant, the men get very spoiled.
      These letters are meant for the young women who can’t find work and have to do be a housewife as they call it.

      There are considered men sharing in all activities at home, but the majority think otherwise. After awhile the women feels neglected and bored for this unthankful work. This letter was written to get the frustrated women back their pride.

      Being a homemaker is not more boring than any other work, but society has belittled it, to make it a lesser career. Priorities has a lot to do with your choice. The main reason women needs to work is to keep up with the Jones and paying off debt.

      These are only guidelines and not a generation. I was a teacher then tried office work, having had three businesses and running a guesthouse occasionally, but none more satisfying for me that being a homemaker.

      I totally agree with you. In a partnership it is 50/50 if both are working 9 until 5 a day, otherwise it should be an estimate of 20% to 80% of the workload at home.
      What do you think?

      Take care

      1. Agreed Alex, it is written more towards women in destress.

        Coming from a culture where every household have a domestic servant, the men get very spoiled.
        These letters are meant for the young women who can’t find work and have to do be a housewife as they call it.

        There are considered men sharing in all activities at home, but the majority think otherwise. After awhile the women feels neglected and bored for this unthankful work. This letter was written to get the frustrated women back their pride.

        Being a homemaker is not more boring than any other work, but society has belittled it, to make it a lesser career. Priorities has a lot to do with your choice. The main reason women needs to work is to keep up with the Jones and paying off debt.

  3. Hello Estelle,
    I love your article and especially that image and comment “Never laugh at your wife’s choices. You are one of them…:)”. I enjoyed reading this article because it expressed so many of the values and beliefs I hold dear.

    Thank you for expressing what I think many women feel and believe. I am looking forward to reading more of your articles.

    1. Hi Jolan, thank you, these are meant to be, letters to my Granddaughter, because there was a need for it. She had some difficulties in a relationship that needed guidance and then when she became a housewife too. I did not want her to be like the most young housewives, but to be a real homemaker.

      Most of the ladies reading this have gone through these stages already and know their way.
      She can be a stubborn little thing, so I preferred to give her the info in the form of letters. This is real and not made up stories.

      In a way this is to honour my Mom and Dad who taught me all of this.
      Thank you very much for stopping by and the motivating comment!

      Take care

  4. Hi Stella,

    Being a homemaker is never easy. I’ve seen the difficulties on my mother and many of my female friends. It will worsen if their husbands don’t support them, leading to sad endings. I believe every homemaker should read your sharing to make it easier, especially the part on meditation to bring peace to their minds.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Matt, homemaking is a dedicated decision. Not many take to it naturally.

      Seeing it as a serves to your own loved ones, makes the difference. Giving your precious time serving a boss, making other people rich, at the cost of your family, did not make sense to me.
      I never saw it as a chore, it was my way to give quality to their lives.

      I have tried many other jobs before and after the children left home, teaching, an office job, 3 shops, a guesthouse and I have to tell you, in my world nothing beats Homemaking!

      If you start seeing it as society sees it, a negative, then it is a chore! Homemaking is not harder than any other work. Get out the ditch, lift yourself up and see you with self pride in what you do, be the best!
      Planning and organizing is so important. State you have a life of your own, have ME-time and put that in the organizing and planning of home activities. The family has to know you are not their slave. Dad should establish the respect there has to be.

      Thank you for your motivating comment, I appreciate it!
      Take care

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