5.How to Build Customer Trust

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How to build customer trust and how to build customer relationships, is undoubtedly a strategy website owners give all attention to.

Visitors should be able to believe and have trust in your website to become a customer, therefore, building a good customer relationship is very important.

Firstly adopt a strategy where you communicate in a warmly personal way, above all, treat your visitor as a friend.

A little story

A friend of mine, with whom I was at school from grade 1, lost her husband, close companion and soulmate of 40 years to cancer. She was devastated and alone, and they did not have children.

After her period of mourning, she decided to start a website to share their travelling experiences. She wanted to relive the good times and therefore, shared all her moments of joy with the world.

Her way of writing was so compassionate, especially, it felt as if you are there with them. In a way, she reaches out for salvation, in her sadness.

Soon she had many visitors reading her blog, most of all because they could relate to her feelings and they trusted her content.

It made her feel so happy and excited to share, as a result, she is dealing better with the loss.

They will only believe in you when above all, they can relate to who you are. You prove to be honest and at the same time, have good quality content to offer.

Know who your customers are and as a rule, know what type of customer visits your site. There are five different types of customers.

How to Build Customer Trust

Ways to do it


Creating a website with stunning content is unquestionably the best strategy. Sharing it with the world in all sincerity is one way of doing it to become successful.

Marketing is bringing your website and its content into its own home. They will only trust you if they believe in you.

Normally people focus is on the 4 P’s is the Product, Price, Place and Promotion. It is mostly done from a one-sided view to line your pocket. Turn it around and put your pocket last and you will be astounded by the results.

 How To Build Customer trust, Direction-signal-of-marketing-strategy-street-sign-How much money am I going to make? The customer will soon realise and shy away from a marketer with that attitude.

Customer-driven marketing is an opportunity to enhance the life of your customer, and not think of your pocket first.


What makes Customer-driven marketing different. It is indirect marketing. Focus on their problem and give a solution to enhance their lives. You play second fiddle.

With honest emotional strategies, a little story or two, you can build powerful honest relationships and will reap benefits from them for many years to come.

Who is your customer

How to Build Customer Trust

People who know and use the product will come back time after time. Customers who need the product will be thankful for your help.

Visitors searching for the product will land on your website and stay.

Give a customer recognition and good friendly service. You have to create value for them, and your pockets will stay full.

Five Types of Customers

•  Price buyers. The Bargain hunters are always on the lookout for Sales. How To Build Customer Trust, Sale-sign-with-2-bags-full-discount-

•  Value buyers. Buyers who want quality products, value for money


•  Impulsive buyers. Browsers who buy on the spur of the moment.


•  Virgin buyers. These are first time buyers, new to the scene.


•  Your Loyal buyers. Old customers who need the product will come back.

All of these customers have their angle when buying a product. When writing, you have to make sure to accommodate them all.

Building customer trust to have a loyal long term customer relationship is ideal.

Keep your customer happy and satisfied with what they read and bought. It is all about your customers’ service and their needs.

How to Build Trust

  •  Have a conversation in your blog. Talk to your customer as a friend.


  • Understand the problem and offer a solution to help.


  • Have a product of value

  • Be honest in your blogs


  • Always do indirect marketing. Never about you or your product, but always about them and their problem.

  • Being active and visible on social media is important

  • Good customer service and always be available

  •  Be accessible. Have ways to contact you

  • Respond to all comments

  • Good security measures, keep their info save

  • Be consistent with your postings

How to Build Customer Trust

A customer who has a personal, meaningful experience of value, will repeatedly come back.

The aim should be to rely heavily on to maximise a strong customer relationship.

Never think you have a customer in your bag. Always renew their trust with new relevant information.

Email marketing is an easy way. Have a strategy to grab their attention with continued email information and promotions.

Emotions play a huge role in marketing. Every decision made in life is done with emotion.

Use the positive aspect of your product to promote and create a happy feeling.

Tug at the heartstrings of sadness of your customers. This sounds like a contradiction and it is, but only to get sympathy and evoke a caring emotion.

Create a vacuum and a need, and then have a solution to fill that need and creates urgency. From a mosquito, a spider or global warming and now the virus, all create urgency to find a solution.

Fear motivates people to take action.

Make use of a little story to illustrate the importance of the product. Everybody loves a story they can associate with.

Use customers’ success stories to promote a product. Everybody likes to read about someone being successful.

Emotional marketing taps into the desires and dreams of your customer. It allows you to connect with them on a deeper level they can relate to, building the trust you need.

 How To Build Customer Trust, Two-hands-through-a-PC-screen-making-a-sale-one-with-a-packet-and-one-with-a-credit-card-ecommerce

In the end, emotional marketing is the binding factor and glue between you and your customer.


How to Build Customer Trust

Importance of Marketing

  • The Internet makes it so easy and fair to get your website on the map. Customers use the Internet to search for information which they get on sites like yours.

  • You stay in contact with your customers. Make sure to follow up on answering questions and comments posted by customers.

  • Build a relationship and trust with regular communication. Keep in touch and be active on your site. Offer them the best and latest information.

  • Your business can grow exponentially by keeping it simple and making it all about your client.

  •  How To Build Customer Trust, Picture-of-stacks-of-coins-growing-a-plant-on-each-level-money-Selling your product to earn revenue, is the last step in your strategy. Give your client the solution to their problem.

How to Build Customer Trust

8 Tips to Market your site for Free

To get attention, my love, you have to be better than most.

•  Have a good quality website with excellent content on your blog. Do a thorough research when writing a post, putting down all you know about the topic.

•  Make sure you have done all that is needed for good Search Engine Optimisation or called SEO. Write content with relevant keywords describing your message.

•  Having an email marketing strategy is one of the best ways to market. Email marketing is sending a commercial message of your business and products to your mailing list. You build an email list through an opt-in page on your site.

•  Be active on the forums and take part in leaving comments. It is a way to get noticed as an authority. Post remarks and advice.

•  Submit your website to online directories by using your URL. Search engines prefer to find information on the Directory site. Your site gets high-quality traffic specific to your niche.

•  Develop a brand name, colours and logo for easy recognition. Branding your person or website or product is important to stand out and get noticed.

•  Create multiple accounts on different Social media sites. Social media is one of the best ways to get your website out to the world.

To begin with select two media platforms, for instance, Facebook and Twitter. Make a good study and become successful on them before you take on more. 

•  Try your hand at guest blogging. Here is a comprehensive guide to tell you how to go about it.

Where Else to Market my Website

How To Build Customer Trust

  • Email marketing is the most popular method. Regularly send emails out with new relevant information about your topic to your email list.

  • Paid adverts on the Internet and Google. There are different ways to use paid adverts. One way is Pay Per Click or better known as PPC.


  • Join Google Ads and get paid when people click on the advert on your website. Another way is to pay space on Facebook or YouTube and put your ads on there.

  • Make use of advertisements on social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. This is the place where the Millennial market goes for advice.

  • Consumer opinions and recommendations. Consumers will search for feedback before making a purchase. If they find the reviews reliable and accurate, they will most likely consider that.

  • The editorial content of a Newspaper or Magazine. The more the product appear in adverts in the news or magazines the more likely it is for consumers to act positively.

Write reviews of the products to market

How To Build Customer Trust

  • Compare products to make the best choice, the pros and cons of each, using clear and plain language.

  • Explain in detail how it works but keep it short, to clarify do not blabber on and on.

  • Avoid general rhetoric and cliches. Be to the point, in other words, no sales pitch, just comparisons.

  • What makes the product unique and different, for instance, price and quality differences.

Search Engine Optimisation   SEO


This is an important aspect of writing a blog. The search engine crawlers will then be able to find your website.

There are certain facts and ways to create content to make it easy for the crawlers to find your site.

On Wealthy Affiliate, Jay has 12 tips on how to be SEO ready

 How To Build Customer Trust, SEO-explained in ful words-seo

This is the Checklist to finalise your article for the Search Engines.


How To Build Customer Trust


  • Have a keyword of the topic in your Title. A word that describes what the blog is about.

  • The keyword or phrase should be in your first paragraph.

  • Write the keyword In the Meta title box below your post on WordPress.

  • Then right below that write your meta description with your keyword or phrase in.

  • Preparing your post for Social media with your keywords in the meta title too.

  • You should repeat the keyword phrase in your Image Alt. Tag. Crawlers of Google can’t read pictures, best is to describe them in detail

  • Image Title Attribute should have the keyword in the title too.

  • An Internal link that directs to one of your other relevant blogs.

  • One External link to an outside site, normally, to Wikipedia.

  • At the bottom of your post, there should be a Call To Action [CTA]

  • Always publish your articles regular, in addition, on a specific day of the week

Thank you, Jay, this is a winner!


How to Build Customer Trust


Marketing is the trigger that will excel your website success, and if your focus is on Customer-driven Marketing you will succeed.

 Learn and train to become a better marketer, it is a very specialised section of Internet business. How To Build Customer Trust is more important, my dear.

Love you lots

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