How to Get Out of Debt Plan

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How to Get Out of Debt Plan

There is nothing more stressful than being in debt and knowing there is not enough money to cover your responsibilities. Let us find a way how to get out of debt with a plan as quickly as possible, and then stay out of debt.

To live cash is living with limits, and the price is a life of freedom that no money can buy.

Financial planning is as important as the air is for your lungs. Make it a priority and part of your everyday life,

How Can I Help You

Your plan of action to get rid of immediate accounts and debt.

~ Allocate a book and draw two columns, one for your debts and one for your income and compulsory payments.

~ Sit down and write all your debts from the smallest to the biggest, and the monthly amount due in one column.

~ Next to it write down your income and all your compulsory payments. Deduct it from your income and get your balance.

~ Start a monthly record from that month on and do it religiously every month.

~ After the compulsory payments are done calculate and see what is left in the column of the debts.

~ Never neglect to make your payments due, it will negatively affect your credibility in the future.

~ Calculate how much money is available for an extra payment.

~ Pay off your smallest debt first by adding this money as an additional payment.

~ Arrange with the company that this extra payment will go off from the original amount, not with interest.

~ When one debt is down then go for the next account by using the regular payment from the debt that is paid up and add that to the payment of the next one on your list.

~ Carry on with the same procedure until the last one is paid up with the help of all the payments of the closed ones.

~ Be disciplined and dedicated until the last one is paid.

It will boost your self-esteem when you can scratch them off your list one by one.

~ Think twice or trice before opening another account. You will live in the shackles of debt and never feel free, my dear.

 How to Get Out of Debt Plan


~ Determined  your income and your expenses

~ Identify your responsibilities, and design your budget.

~ Separating needs from wants, and setting goals for your income.

~ Only have pets when you can afford their food, comfort, insurance and veterinary bills.

 How to Get Out of Debt Plan Cute little kittens as pets.

Most of all put this plan into action and
honour your responsibilities no matter what!



My dear, being extravagant can quickly lead to poverty.

Know what the goals for your hard-earned money will be. What do you want to achieve and what will your standard of living be? Have a splashing treat once a month but define your life to live within your limits.


How to Get Out of Debt Plan

Steps To Success

Set yourself up for Success my dear

Start on the right foot, find an infallible method and try not to fall into bad habits ruining your future.


Have you heard of the saying, my dear? It means what it says. It is just a fixed way to save money regularly.


Every month when you get paid a salary, have a debit order or do the payment yourself via the Internet into a one-way savings account. Never have the card of that account around, keep it in a file or better still cut it into pieces.


This is money you will never use till your retirement day. When you start early it might end up being a million or two to add to your retirement funds.


Just pay and forget! Time brings changes, so many older people do not have enough pension funds to survive. Please start to prepare early on for that day.


• To reach your goals you have to climb the steps of success by helping other people in need. You might be struggling yourself, and have to get assistance from time to time, but helping someone in need is your first step to financial freedom.


• With that, you distance yourself from your situation of inferiority, by getting out and building your self-esteem.


You are getting on to the first step of the ladder to success when focusing to help others. You will have a positive feeling that brings newfound confidence, and you will find your purpose.


• Have a plan for the future of your money. Start at your end goals. Know how you want to live when you have my age. How are you going to achieve it, most of all, how will you plan the journey? See how much you need to earn and if it will be possible.

 How to Get Out of Debt Plan, laptop, notepad, cell phone and cup of coffee. Planning

• Set a goal for every five years. Plan how you are going to meet that goal. Will it be with more official studies, self-studies, and extra relevant courses at work to improve your position? Nonetheless keep growing, my dear.


Become an entrepreneur on the Internet, first of all, have a website to write blogs and reviews to help people by using your interest.


You will know best what your future should look like. Make a study and ask for help from someone you respect if you are stuck and serious about excelling.


 How to Get Out of Debt Plan Planning a budget with the help of a mentor, Teamwork

Find a purpose for every cent of your money. Have a future with a vision, knowing exactly where and how you are heading, and why! Make a decision and Take Control.

 How to Get Out of Debt Plan

What to Do

•Start saving for retirement from your first paycheck. Putting money away at least 5% of your monthly income is ideal and never touch it. Remember it is still your money but not for today.


• Never buy what you can’t afford.  Stay within your limits. Pass everything you buy with the NEEDS and WANTS test. Treat yourself once in a while, only, if it is within your budget.


•Know what you want from your money.  Find your goals in life and do some proper planning. The best advice is to stick to your planning the best you can.


When you get married one day, start your journey together with as little debt as possible. Commit never to buy food or clothes on an account and stay out of debt as far as possible.


If you have to buy a house or a new car, save as much as possible beforehand, even if it takes longer, to have a huge deposit. This brings the payments down to a minimum. Compromise to save for this goal.

• Greed and Envy are two evil monsters that can steal your money. Avoid them like the plague my love. It should never bother you what others earn or have. You don’t want to know how deep in debt they are too.


. How to Get Out of Debt Plan Man with a greedy face full of envy.

It is best to mind your own business.

 How to Get Out of Debt Plan

Ideas to Stay out of Debt

There are certain things you never buy on account

Have this golden rule:


It is long gone and you are still paying …. it is a very bad choice!


How to Get Out of Debt Plan

Here is another idea.

 If you are a shopaholic recognise it and create habits that will keep you responsible.


Go on a PHOTO SHOPPING SPREE with a friend. Browse through your favourite stores, take photos of the items you like, and even try them on and let her take a photo.


In the furniture store sit on a new couch, feel it, smell it and take a photo. When home mix and match without spending a cent. Make a clear informed decision from these photos and will not break your budget.


You will be impressed and proud of yourself.

How to Get Out of Debt Plan


If you still do have not enough money after this exercise, you have an ‘Income Problem’ love.


Improving your skills to earn a better salary can be a solution or finding another option is to have a second income. In the long run, a person with a culture of debt will land in big trouble. Set a pattern of spending that suits you and act diligently on it, my dear.


Earning more money will not solve the problem IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE WITHIN YOUR LIMITS. Be strict and reap the benefits thereof, my darling Thinette.


If you live scarcely and sparsely you will soon have enough money to invest and to get to the point you start earning passive income. That should be your goal. Find a man with the same attitude towards money, my dear.


 How to Get Out of Debt Plan Earl Wilson quote: This would be a much better world if more married couples were as...


Love you lots.

Granny Stella

Gran Estelle

Be Fabulous, Feisty and Fearless

12 Comments on “How to Get Out of Debt Plan”

  1. I am currently working hard to pay off my car and credit card. My car will be paid off in a few months, so that date is much anticipated because I know that things will be easier after that. The credit card is harder to pay because of the interests but I aim to pay it off as soon as possible, so that I can live debt free and focus on my plans and goals without having that debt cloud hanging over me. It is limiting in so many ways and I know about people who live in debt all their lives. I don’t know how they do it… or how it got to that. I can understand how it gets to that, but it’s still hard for me to understand the mentality of being OK with it.
    Thanks for these great tips!

    1. Hi Christine, I grew up in a debt-free house.

      My Dad had the discipline to be patient enough and save until he had enough money to buy what he wanted.
      He bought everything in cash even his cars and houses. He set a great example.

      I had a few accounts and know what a burden it can be. I paid it off and promise to never do it again.
      It is a wonderful feeling to be debt free. It is worthwhile to overcome the temptation to buy something you can’t really afford.
      To take the time and think it over and try to justify why you should have it gives you time to rethink.
      I think people who live with debt all their lives are slaves to the commerce industry and are trapped.

      Thank you for sharing and all the best in getting free.
      I value your input.

  2. This is a great reminder for all (young) people. I heard, from Tony Robbins I believe that 95% of adult Americans don’t have more than 1000$ in their bank account. That’s alarming. Not surprising though. As big corporations are pushing us to buy, buy, buy and borrow, borrow and borrow. It is more and more challenging to keep up and have more. I love two of your core pieces of advice, pay yourself first and help people in need. maybe they might sound a bit contradictory, but in reality, they aren’t. Moreover, those two alone could be the solution for everyone to stay financially healthy.

    1. Hi Julius, yes so true, the elite are playing the false mindset game with us.

      Thinking you are getting ahead with all the gadgets and goods.
      Making it so tempting to spend more than your budget allows.
      They create a vacuum with unrealistic adverts to draw you in and buy.

      The problem is young people think they have to start with everything it took their parents years to build.
      They go into debt and buy the best on-hire purchases.
      Not prepared to start on the bottom step and grow.
      It is so much fun to struggle a little and then get what you want. You appreciate everything more.

      Thank you for your valuable comment, I appreciate you stopping by.

  3. I like the idea of planning for retirement at a very early age. It gives one a higher sense of responsibility and purpose. I also learned that living within one’s means is another way of staying out of debt. It’s best not to buy something if you can not pay for it immediately, except if you have a long-term payment plan for the purchase of a house. In all, you have highlighted all the best and most realistic ways to stay out of debt.


    1. Hi Femi, retirement is the most neglected topic when you are a beginner. All we know is an agent coming to your house writing you a policy, and thinking that is enough.

      Inflation and the devaluation of your money play a huge role. To accumulate more money to supplement your income at retirement is very wise. It can be saving money in commodities or real estate, something that increases in value. Money in the bank is deteriorating more than it’s worth.

      With all the temptations and social pressure, is very hard for young people to keep afloat.

      A house is fine to buy with long-term payments, but flashy cars are a no-go. Start within your limits and then grow with time as you are able to.

      Thank you for reading and leaving a valuable comment.
      Kind regards

  4. Great advice on money management, many people need it, especially today’s generation, who are always running from pillar to post to become rich quickly. They live recklessly with bunch of credit cards and eventually file for bankruptcy. Financial discipline is vital for financial prosperity.

    1. Hi Satz, so true what you say, without financial discipline, there is no future.
      Some people run the race to have the bigger, the better and the most, missing the whole point of living.
      What they don’t realise is the bank is also a ruthless business, making you poor in the process. Without knowing it you are the victim.
      Thank you for a very valuable comment, I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

  5. Hi Estelle, I have 2 credit cards at the moment those are the biggest burden for me I think but also my electricity lately has been a bit of a nightmare. For me personally, the best thing I’ve done really has been to make more money by expanding my eBay business. That has helped a lot to be fair but also I’ve tried to be more careful about switching things off around the house to save electricity. Using the tumble dryer as least as possible and think it helped the last bill I was able to cut by 2/3 somehow.

    I think a lot of people say getting power-saving devices and air fryers are good tips too and as for my debts, I think the best advice I’ve read is to tackle high-interest debts first. So maybe the credit card with the higher interest rate put extra effort into paying that off first and whilst doing so keep your other debts to minimal repayments and once you paid off one focus on the next big debt and so on.

    About saving I’d only actually put my money into actual assets such as Gold, Silver, or even Crypto to a certain degree ~ the Fiat system is in trouble and interest rates and inflation are ridiculous so saving accounts aren’t really great. It is better to invest in goods that hold their value really I’d say. Even collectibles like comic books and vintage toys are better to buy to keep hold of and sell later on.

    Also, Really if people are stressed about their debts they should go to the citizen’s advice bureau and ask them to help. Most people I think with credit cards have actually paid off their debt several times already it’s just the interest that piles up on top. So they can actually a lot of the time have these debts written off. My Mum did a couple of years for I think $4K it was. She now is not allowed an overdraft or I don’t think another credit card but still, she is at least debt free.

    That is definitely good advice I think but anyhow thanks for sharing;

    Best regards;


    1. Hi Alex, yes it is all a matter of choice. Decide what you want and then your way of making it come true.

      It can be seen as nice to have if you go into debt to own it unless it is detrimental to have it in a crisis.
      It is hard to stay within your limits and takes real discipline but that is the choice you make.

      Congratulations on your decision and action to make more money! You are on the right way, make sure to clear those debts.
      If I were in your shoes I would rather save the money owned on eBay for those items I wanted and put away the credit cards to use only for emergencies

      Try never to go into debt that far to have to take legal action, it always leaves a mark.
      Thank you for your very valuable comment, I appreciate you stopping by!

      Kind regards

  6. Hi Estelle,
    Great article that not only your granddaughter can benefit from!

    I love all your tips but had to chuckle when I read “Only have pets when you can afford their food, comfort, insurance and veterinary bills”. I(:-) I beg to add – and the time for them since dogs require to be walked. I remember drumming that into the ears of my youngest…….Now she has a cat (:-)

    Your most important tips forme were “only buy what you can afford, never buy clothes or food on credit, and avoiding greed and envy”. Honestly, I have one credit card, and I mainly use it for my business expenses – which are a tax write-off anyways. Credit cards are the very slippery slope into a dungeon of debt! The discipline to get out is what your delightful article details.


    1. Hi Ceci, yes this is a path we all had walked and learned from. Both I and my husband come from homes where nothing was bought on accounts.
      Accounts did now exist and no credit cards were owned. Life was lived strictly in cash.

      In the beginning, I bought a leather jacket on an account I secretly opened, when my husband found out he immediately went and paid the cash. Afterwards, I kept the account purely when I need to take clothes home on appro and after I made my choice I went and paid cash for it. That was my lesson learned hahaha!

      To live cash is living with limits, and the price is a life of freedom that no money can buy.
      Thank you very much for the valuable comment I appreciate it.

      Kind regards

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