How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Dear Thinette

Get your ex back. Thinette with a sad face

Sure, there will be ways how to get your ex-boyfriend back, my dear but we have to make sure if that is really what you want.

So sad this is making you unhappy, my dear. Let us spend some time and analyse what has happened. Name the good times and the bad, and what you think was the cause of it.

Find the reason for what has happened and why, not to make the same mistakes again, my dear. A crack in a cup stays a crack in the cup, though it can be filled with gold. Go through everything with a fine comb to make sure it will not happen again.

What and Why?

What are the reasons for the breakup? 

Ask yourself questions, why did it happen, before you decide to get your ex back.

Analyse and find what has happened to make you unhappy in the first place, and what caused the split. Is it fundamental differences or values?

Work through the whole process and left no stone unturned. Write it all down in a little notebook. Get to the bottom of the situation from both sides with all the ‘WHY’ questions.

Then take some time out and focus on something else before you make a decision. You might decide to get a makeover yourself. Get rid of all the cobwebs and get yourself healthy again while you decide.


How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

The Reasons

Why did you break up? It could not be about the recent argument but could be the underlying differences coming a long way.

How To Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back. Blue Broken-heart- with a crack


Where did you stand in this relationship?

Were you a priority in his life?

Do you share the same values and vision?

What gave you a feeling of happiness, in the beginning, thinking about him and this relationship? Is it still there?

Analyse and find what has happened to make you unhappy and caused the split. Look at the behaviour on both sides and list what created this rift from your point of view. Do you want to get your ex back?

Realise it happened over time, and you missed the signals.


Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

What could have gone wrong

You have to know, that a man loses interest when the relationship stagnates. It does not have the challenges he wants to pursue, or it has become demanding or the dumping ground of all your problems and negativity, blaming him all the time.


Were you just two different people with nothing in common except sex? You don’t think the same or do the same, leading to an argument.


Is it fundamental differences? Know you can never change any person’s behaviour if they are not prepared to do it themselves. If it is not negotiable it is not worth the try, my dear. Define your boundaries and get clarity. 


Have you become too predictable and boring in his eyes?


All this could end in frustration, arguments and name-calling. If it is a fundamental difference, my dear it is not worth pursuing this relationship. It is doomed to fail.


A man wants to be around a happy and fun-loving person, if not he will go and find it somewhere else. He will just slowly disappear from your radar. 


Do you want to get your ex back and what are your reasons? How can you justify it?

Examine the behaviour on both sides. List what created this quarrelling and rift from your point of view. Could it be a habit or something deeper, and not negotiable?


Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back


How To Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back Unhappy Couple quarrelling  Ask the following questions  

  • Why do I want him back in my life if I was so happy?

  • What value does he bring to enhance my life and my future?

  • Are we compatible? Do you have the same values, lifestyle and deal breakers?

  • Do we share the same vision? What are your goals?

If the answer is an overwhelming YES, my darling. There can be a solution, hang on and listen carefully.

‘Get your ex back is your mantra now if that is what you want.

So here we go …

Get new inspiration and focus on yourself. You are on a mission now to become the better You! The New You, he will fall in love with again.


How can I help you?

Time to Value Yourself

First of all, the focus is now on you my dear. Forget about him for the moment. It will be very hard because all you want, is to be with him again. It is not going to happen soon and not the way to do it, my dear, trust me on this one.

How To Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back. girl by a stream in the mountains being happy and freeFeel free! Now is the time for a big shift and change in your life. Become this fun-loving, happy, confident, lady free in yourself. 

Number one … Stop all contact with him at once. Stop texting and stalking him. Don’t have the slightest intention or wish to message him, because he detests it and drives him further away.


In his mind, he is done with the relationship and doesn’t want to see or hear from you. He has moved on. So sorry but this is a fact, my love.


When you keep on pursuing a man, he will say anything or tell you something. It will not be the truth or how they feel. A man will say anything just to keep you happy, yes even lie. They hate confrontation.


They will not do what they said, but just fade away and never contact you again. Did you hear what I just said, my dear? Read it again!


He will call and says he still loves you and want to see you again. Do not fall for it, it is his way to validate that you still desired him and he is not a failure. Break up totally and keep it that way.


Forget about having an agenda or plans to get him back, that will happen by itself if it is meant to be. Don’t waste precious time, move on too and get your own life.


Find new friends with the same interests as you and avoid mixing in the same crowds as you used to.


How To Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back A circle of friends holding hands Don’t worry there will always be someone who will keep him informed of all you are doing, and the more active you are in a group of new friends the better, my dear. Forget about him for now.


Focus on becoming a better version of yourself for YOURSELF. Believe and grow into this goddess you always wanted to be.


How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Learn from Your Mistakes.

If you don’t make mistakes you are not growing, therefore, learn from them. Take responsibility for your contribution to the breakup of the relationship.


Was it the wrong decision from the beginning? Apologise, even to yourself and make sure never to repeat the same mistake.


How To Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back.  compare your change to the life cycle of a butterfly.Your mission to change into this beautiful butterfly, and enjoy sparkling happiness in the sunshine is done. You have changed for a better stronger You.


Now you are ready my dear, the time is here to get your Ex Back if that is what you want.


You have reached your goal to be who you always wanted to be. Be independent, have the best skills to prosper and be happy for the person you have become.  It is a feeling of freedom my darling. Nothing can hold you back.



You have become this new goddess. New hairstyle, new body, natural makeup, new clothes and a new mindset knowing what you want.


This is the new person and you are comfortable with her. Now you are ready to launch the new you. You have certainly created her from the ashes of a burned-out relationship.


This new sparkling you will be an eye-catcher my dear and you might have a few more followers too. Be yourself and enjoy all the attention. How To Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back Face-mask-divided-with-and-old-face-and-a-new-one-graphic-The right one will find the new you very enchanting. Fall in love with you for the right reasons, the real independent you, not a puppet or a doormat.


The new You might not even want to get your old Ex back my love.

Love you dearly

Gran Estelle

Be a Fabulous, Feisty and Fearless Woman


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6 Comments on “How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back”

  1. Some absolute words of wisdom!
    It’s so important to put yourself first in such situations and I hope that whoever needs to read this finds it and gets their confidence back.

    1. Thank you Sophie, an absolute inspiring comment, I appreciate it.
      One tends to focus on the heartache and loss, feeling sorry for yourself for the wrong reasons but it might be a blessing in disguise.
      When you are independent someone falls in love with you for who you are, being yourself.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. This advice rings true in a marriage ten fold. I feel like so many people now, decide to rely on their partner for their happiness when in reality, we all need self love and self care before anything else that is external. There is something to be said about someone who WANTS to be with you and doesn’t NEED to be with you. it releases a type of pressure and tension in the relationship.

    1. Confidence and independence are the X-Factors in a relationship.
      Very true what you say, to find who you are and where you are going is very important too.
      It makes for a happy partnership.
      There is nothing worse than a needy demanding partner, a true recipe for disaster.
      Be happy and independent and a person will fall in love with you for the right reasons.
      Thank you for a very valuable comment I appreciate it.
      Take care

  3. Dear Stella,

    I love your article. You are right. Forget the past and move on are the best solution for anyone. Making a better version of one is the best way to enjoy life and being positive about life is the only way to make one’s life more meaningful. Everyone should take his own responsibility and lead his own life. Past is a thing that we cannot change. So it is better to focus on our present and that will shape our future. Maybe someone better is waiting for us. Love u.

    Thank you so much for your article.

    1. Very true Khobayer no one controls anybody and no one owns the other in a relationship.
      Each stay his or her own person but share interests and values with each other.
      If you can’t forgive and forget, resentment will simmer and cause much unhappiness, rather step back and heal yourself first.
      Positive mindset is key for happiness as you say.
      Thank you for your positive inspiring comment, much appreciated!

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