How To Solve The Debt Trap

My dear Thinette


Your granddad used to say, Debt is a swear word. Stay away from it as far as you can, it is contagious. Living within your limits is the only way. I am giving you tips on what I have learned from him, and best of all, guidance to solve the debt dilemma.

The best way to become debt-free, is to stay out of it, my dear. A hard one when you see all the temptations on offer. Staying out of debt keeps you in control, to later buy what you want, and it has so many advantages.

How To Solve The Debt Trap

You might not have a money-spending problem my dear … it could be an income problem! If the money you earn is not enough to cover your monthly responsibilities, you have a problem. Let alone having spending money. Let’s try and get to the bottom of it, and solve this debt trap problem.

Having gained freedom with age brings newfound excitement. You are free to do whatever you want, rushing through the shops, filling the trolley with all you want, and giving in to many temptations. As long as you own your actions, it is good.

The urge to buy what you see and want can cause much grief and stress. The possibility of falling into the debt trap is imminent.

Avoiding debt is the outcome everybody wants. To be able to live debt-free, will need good planning and never to spend more than you earn. I hope the next will never be true for you!

 Quotes on debt, I invested all my money in Debt

In this letter, I am going to give you tips and hints, guiding you to solve the problem and Live a Debt Free Life.

It will not be the end of the world to have debt, as long as you are sensible enough, take responsibility and try to get out of it, my dear.  Pick up the pieces, do your planning and walk away wiser from this experience. Never repeat it.

No no … money is not the monster my dear. The way you manage money or rather the lack of management makes it the monster.

Landing in debt can ruin your life.  The worst thing that can happen is falling into the claws of the law.

how to solve the debt trap.  An attorney's office notice board.

You are so dear to me, I never want this to happen to you. This letter is to help you prevent seeing the inside of these offices.

Rules to Getting Debt Free


  • Try and buy less and less every month, it is possible, my dear. There are many things you buy that are not necessary. Ask yourself, do I need this item or do I want it? Set a budget aside to grant yourself the luxury of one extra item a month.

  • When confronted with a desire to buy, think twice. Make sure which will benefit the most. The money staying in your pocket, meaning sooner financial freedom, or breaking your budget keeping you poor. 

  • Make it a rule, listen to the little voice sitting on your shoulder, buying less, and see how your savings accumulate my darling. 

  • Never Buy With Money You Do Not have in Your Account

  • Try never to use a credit card to buy goods and therefore go into debt. If you are using the bank’s money, they will charge you interest and you will have to pay back almost double the amount.

Not just the young people are guilty of it, but adults, out of control and who want to compete with the Jones’s next door also fall into this trap. Not planning or being in the social spiral can drain your funds too.


How to solve the debt trap. Torched block for hands and head like shackles


  • Buying Takeaways and Alcohol are the culprits. Most people are guilty of it. Don’t deprive yourself, but just do everything in moderation.

  • Have a fixed budget and planning for both those items per month and stick to it.

  • Without proper planning and discipline for your money, you will live from paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your life and never fulfil your dreams.

  • Your big dreams are possible to reach, with good planning, discipline and dedication. Do it from the start.

  • Pay Yourself First, you will reach your goals much sooner than the rest.

  • Patience and persistence are the keys to achieving.

It is important to realise a newly hatched birdie can’t fly like an eagle. You have to start at the bottom like everybody else and not where your parents are when you left the nest.


How to solve the debt trap. Two little eagle hatch-lings still in the nest and can't fly yet.

  • Build up your little kingdom step by step to the big Empire you want, and appreciate every step.

There will be times when all is not what you would want it to be, just keep going and it will smooth out.

Know What You Want

Time for new habits to fit your dreams and goals is in the air, my dear. Out with the old lazy habits from your lifestyle as a kid, it will not suit your new lifestyle and dreams.

Feeling comfortable for too long is never a good thing. Find new challenges to enhance your exciting life, and push your comfort zone boundaries.

• Find the pivotal point in your life when you realised the value of money and what money means to you. That will help you decide what you want for your money.

How to solve the debt trap. a smiley face with dollar sign eyes, the love of money..


Value of Money

Lesson learned

Mine came when I was 7 years old. On our way for our annual holiday, I left my pretty little bag with all my holiday money at the table in a restaurant when we left.

Needless to say, we never found it. My dad was very strict and did not give me more money, I had to learn a lesson. This is when you get to know the meaning of tough love, with a great lesson taught with love.

Does money mean, comfort, luxury, or necessity or will it be the vehicle for your dreams? Have a plan of action for the money you will earn for the rest of your working life. Make it useful with the purpose to fulfil the goals you have.

• Never waste money. To be honest, we all are guilty of throwing away food, or still usable stuff and clothes from a sale. Tell me will you tare up paper money and throw it in the dustbin? Well, this is what wasting money means.

• Have respect for money and it will come to you in abundance. No, not by magic my dear, but by realising the importance of every cent.

• Greed and Envy are two evil monsters as a result of money. Avoid them like the plague my love. It should never bother you what others earn or have. You don’t want to know how deep in debt they are too. 

How to solve the debt trap. Man with a greedy face and an envy look on his face. looking over the fence to the neighbours

It is best to mind your own business.

Everybody has, NEEDS and WANTS.

NEEDS are necessities you cannot function without

WANTS are what your heart desires

Never buy on the spur of the moment and never buy what you cannot afford. Make a choice that will fit your purse and budget. Be patient … your time will come, but you are not there yet.

Steps To Success

Set yourself up for Success my dear

Start on the right foot, find an infallible method and try not to fall into bad habits ruining your future. 


• Have you heard of the saying, my dear? It means what it says. It is just a fixed way to save money regularly.

Every month when you get paid a salary, have a debit order or do the payment yourself via the Internet into a one-way savings account. Never have the card of that account around, keep it in a file or better still cut it into pieces.

This is money you will never use till your retirement day. When you start early it might be a million or two to add to your retirement funds.

Just pay and forget! Time brings changes, so many older people do not have enough pension funds to survive. Please start to prepare early on for that day.

• To reach your goals you have to climb the steps of success. Getting onto the first step is by helping other people in need. You might be struggling yourself, and have to get assistance from time to time, but helping someone in need is the first important step.

• With that, you distance yourself from your situation of inferiority, by getting out and building your self-esteem.

You are getting on to the first step of the ladder to success when focusing to help others. You will have a positive feeling that brings newfound confidence.

• The next step is to stay out of Debt. Some people brag about strings of credit cards hanging from their purses. Don’t be fooled my dear those banks own all their money and they have to beg or loan some every month.

How to solve the debt trap. A purse with string of credit cards.

• If you have a credit card with a limit, never use it to go into debt. Give your employer your credit account number to deposit your monthly income into. Use it as a debit card to purchase, this way you will always be aware of your limit and will save on interest too.

• Pay all your monthly responsibilities with the card, yourself first, your house rent, water and electricity, medical aid, insurance, car payment etc.

In the beginning, until you have formed new habits, decide how much money you will need yourself for personal use and draw your money cash.

• Divide it into four equal amounts and put in four envelopes marked week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4. Every week just use what is in the envelope. Don’t feel tempted to ‘steal’ from the next week or go into debt for a Want.

• The media plays a major role to get you into Debt and the Banks make it so easy to get an overdraft, keeping you a prisoner of your debt. Don’t fall into their money-making ploy love.

The Debt Trap Solved.  An empty purse after over spending.

They add almost and sometimes more than 20% interest to the amount you pay. You almost pay double the amount for the same item, leaving you with an empty purse.

Never spend money you do not have, love, rather have patience and save.

It becomes a bottomless hole your money disappears into, leaving you with nothing.

• Have this golden rule:


It is long gone and you are still paying  …. bad choice!

 The Debt Trap Solved. Mannequin dolls in a display window with the latest fashion..

Here is an idea. Go on a PHOTO shopping spree with a friend. Take some photos of the stuff you like in the shops, even try them on and let her take a photo. Sit on a couch and take a photo.

Go home and look at all the photos, see if the top or pants will match the other clothes in your cupboard. Make an informed choice according to your budget. You will be impressed and proud of yourself.


When is something a responsibility? It is when something or somebody is placed in your care to give shelter, feed and clothing, you have to look after their well-being.

If you have a pet, it is your responsibility to clean after them, feed, love and care for them. Have the extra funds to take them to the veterinarian when they are sick.

How to solve the debt trap. Three cute little kittens as pets.

Be realistic and not emotional, will you have the money to take on that responsibility my dear? If not, don’t do it how cute it might be, rather go and visit a friend with a cute pet.

Think ahead, first of all, Honour your responsibilities no matter what!


My Dear, know what the goals for your hard-earned money will be.

• Do some proper planning though you never have learned it. Have a plan for the future of your money. Start at your end goals. Know how you want to live when you have my age. How are you going to achieve it, most of all, how will you plan the journey? See how much you earn and if it will be possible.


How to solve the debt trap. Man sitting with a laptop at a desk and a diary and cell phone next to him doing planning

• Set a goal for every five years. Plan how you are going to meet that goal. Will it be with more official studies, self-studies, and extra relevant courses at work to enhance your position? Become an entrepreneur on the Internet, first of all, have a website and market products and write blogs and reviews?

You will know best, make a study and ask for help from someone you respect if you are stuck and serious.


How to solve the debt trap. Two people at a desk with a laptop, tablet and a cell phone in discussion on how to plan best.

Find a purpose for every cent of your money. Reap the benefits and enjoy a bright future knowing exactly where and how you are heading, and why! Make a decision and Take Control.


•Start saving money from your first paycheck. Putting money away at least 10% of your monthly income is ideal and never touch it. Remember it is still your money but not for today.

• Never buy what you can’t afford.  Stay within your limits. Pass all you buy by the NEEDS and WANTS test. Treat yourself once in a while, only, if it is within your budget.

•Know what you want from your money.  Find your goals in life and do some proper planning. Stick to your planning, kick into survival mode for future success my dear darling Thinette.

When you get married one day, start your journey together with as little debt as possible. Commit never to buy food or clothes on an account and stay out of debt as far as possible.

If you have to buy a house or a new car, save as much as you can beforehand, even if it takes longer to have a huge deposit. This brings the payments down to a minimum. Compromise to save for this goal.

Earl Wilson quote: This would be a much better world if more married couples were as...

The Debt Trap Solved

Following these guidelines, my dear and you will have the debt trap solved. Follow these 7 rules for financial freedom. It is so much easier to prevent it, try your best not to fall into this deadly trap, my dear! 

If you still do have not enough money after this exercise, you have an ‘Income Problem’ love. Earning more money will not solve the problem IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE WITHIN YOUR LIMITS.

Improving your skills to earn a better salary can be a solution or finding another option is to have a second income. In the long run, a person with a culture of debt will land in big trouble. Find a solution and act on it, my dear

Love you and wish you all the best for the success you want to achieve.

Gran Stella


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15 Comments on “How To Solve The Debt Trap”

  1. A very important topic Stella! Being able to control your and your families finances is one of the corner stones of being a responsible adult. You have to keep track of your income and

    My three tips for care free finances would be:
    1. Put something aside. Either on a saving account, or more preferably on shares and holdings because the interest will be much higher these days. One good way to so save money is to buy your own apartment or house. The mortgage payments will be like putting money in the bank and in many places the payments are about the same you would pay for rent, which is only an expense instead of an investment.
    2. Use automated banking for recurrent payment. Make sure you check your transactions once a month but automation really takes a lot of stress out of the equation. There are great phone apps for this as well.
    3. Never buy anything big without thinking about at least three times if you really need it.

    Thanks for the good read Stella!

    1. Hi Jukka
      Managing one’s money can be tricky if you do not have the discipline.
      You make three valid points and it is very important.
      I should say saving is right on top as you mentioned … take the money off first thing every month and you will never know it was even there. If you see it growing month by month it will inspire you to save more. I don’t understand when people say they don’t have the money to save.
      It is still your money but not as handy. It has just been moved to another acount.
      Taking your own photos is a trick that works. When looking at buying a new car or couch. Take photos from different angles of the models you are looking at inside and outside, download at home and compare them with specs and all.
      At home you can make your own decision without interference from a salesman.

      I value your input.

  2. Great nuggets of advice. The most successful people financially have planned to be where they are at. They didn’t win the lottery and fate did not deal them security LOL. Planning yes!!

    Pay yourself first is a rule that if everyone followed the world would be better off. As we get older there would be something there. The US social security system takes that role on by deducting your Social security from your paycheck before you can even see it. It is enough to live on if you don’t have any DEBT when you retire LOL Most people in their mid sixties are still carrying massive debt. SAD

    I am in my mid sixties and have been at both ends of the financial stratum and believe it or not I have been happiest in the middle. More income seems to drive you to want more things which creates a merry go round lol

    So my advice to Thinnette is “Listen to Granny!”

    onward n upward

    1. Hi-hi Captain
      Money falling into one’s lap like lotto money or inheritance is easy money and as they say easy come easy go it seldom stays.
      Everything you sweat for, you appreciate more and take better care of.
      In our country you cannot count on government grants too much. It only adds up to about $120 so planning is the only way and from early on.
      So it is true that extremes are not the best thing? Having to little makes for a stressful live and too much makes you arrogant, greedy and blasé, just enough to live comfortably is the ideal …
      Thank you for your kind words it is motivating!
      I value your comment!

  3. My granny passed 3 years ago. She was MY source of love, encouragement, acceptance, advice, wisdom and endless hugs. I miss her too much, Stella. Her daughter who happens to be my mother is the source of the exact opposite to me.
    I’m a bit overwhelmed by emotion right now. I feel I found a NEW source that can substitute the one I lost. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Effie
      So very sorry to hear about your loss. Yes we want them to live forever.
      Thank you for the compliment and you are welome, I only have one grandchild and I myself was an only child. I have a big heart and place for more.
      Wishing you all the best!

  4. Fantastic post Stella! I live a debt free life and spend less than I earn. Once I worked out this simple thing and focused on spending less rather than focusing on how I can earn more to buy more “stuff”. I stopped wanting to buy the things I didn’t need. Iv managed to drop down to working 3 days a week and now spend more time with my family and doing the things i love. It’s such a shame that a lot distractions and bad guidance leed people down the wrong path. So many young people leave education in dept! And continue to live their life that way.

    Fantastic advise, something I will be sharing with my children as they grow.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Billy
      Isn’t it amazing with how much less you can live. I should put that in the letter too if I may?
      I have a huge house 600 sq m but are renting it out now. I moved into a little flat about 100 sq m. everything is in storage and you can’t believe how little one needs. Why have a dozen of all if you only use four of all.
      You are a wise man and your family can be very proud of you!
      Thank you for kind words I appreciate it very much.
      All the best to you.

  5. This is the best advice a young person could ever get. Actually it’s the best advice that someone of any age could use. You reminded me that I need to pursue my dreams too with the comment on not being comfortable for too long and finding things that excite me. I’ve been contemplating a career change lately and your post is just what I needed to hear. Thanks Stella! 🙂

  6. Great advice Stella,

    I could certainly use the tips you state in this post. I am currently living paycheck to paycheck and have a number of debts.

    It is actually pretty easy to be debt free, I just need to not spend as much each month on socializing and buying silly things that I don’t really need. Also, buying less alcohol a month and cheaper food.

    I love your site and posts.

    Keep up the great work.


  7. Stella, your letter to your love one is an important message. The youngin’s can learn a lot from simply
    reading your letter. This letter is so nice, I like it. So much information here Stella, love it.

    I will read your other letters. You have so much to offer Stella.

    You have improved a lot here, I am soooo proud of you! I remember you as a person who didn’t know
    the difference between a computer and a typewriter. My Stella you have come a long way my dear friend.

    Again, you have so much to offer the world Stella, keep doing what you are doing, I am so excited
    for you! The skies the limit my friend!

    1. Your comment is very inspiring Frank thank you so much.Your help and support made it possible.
      There are so many misunderstanding and misconceptions. Society also plays a huge roll in the failure of many relationships.
      I wish most woman will wake up and smell the coffee. They miss out on the best part of life, and put their focus where it is not needed.
      You have motivated we to carry on and build my little castle.
      Will visit your site too in the morning.
      I appreciate your visit.

  8. What wonderful tips! I like the idea of putting money into a savings account that I can’t just transfer money out of . I think even if I start small I will be doing better than I do now, as I don’t save anything. Being a single mom makes it kind of hard, but you have given me some ideas!

  9. Hi Stella,

    Such great advice! Love it. This should be taught in every school in the world. Kids these days are not taught how to earn, how to save or how to spend money. And we wonder why there are so many broke people in the world!

    Your advice has been taught down the years. I remeber reading the Richest Man in Babylon. Such a great book on saving 10%.

    Responsibility is huge too. Thanks for telling it how it is.



    1. Growing up with no space for grey areas was all I knew, it was either right or wrong no maybes anywhere. It is hard for the young people of today to relate to it and even harder to guide them … but I will try my best!

      As you say Responsibility is very important and so are Respect and Integrity. All are necessary for a successful and truly happy life.

      Thank you for a very motivating comment, I do appreciate it.

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