4. How to Use Keywords and Keyword Phrases


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How to Use Keywords and Keyword Phrases

The importance of finding keywords and keyword phrases, when writing a blog is essential to get recognised by Google, and is your aim, my dear.

The next secret is to have an eye-catching, thought-provoking, title to get their attention. Keep it true to your topic.

The most important aspect of a good blog is, to talk to your visitor as a friend, and tell a little story.  Find the villain and the hero and let them interact to illustrate your point.


Keep reading, here you have 12 tips that will help you. It covers the important aspects to start this race on your front foot and getting ahead.


What is Blogging with Keywords Gran?

Blogging means, finding keywords and keyword phrases, and then writing an article about your topic in WordPress. Publish it on your website for Google to find. It is the showcase of your website and niche.


The Aim 

  • Find a topic relevant to their interest, write about something they would like to know more about.

  • Everybody loves a good story. Telling a short story relevant to your topic is so important. People can relate to the problem and you have the solution right there.

  • To get the attention of visitors, have a descriptive name and heading. The way you present your blog post means everything. Make it easy to understand.

  • Find a popular keyword that gets searched for in the search engines. Build the contents of your post about it and use it frequently.

  • Write good quality content that outdoes the rest with lovely images to match and you will get noticed. Do proper research before starting.

  •  Keywords and Keyword Phrases Handshake-with-customer-through-the-computer-screen.-Give your visitor a one-stop-have-it-all experience. Have detailed information on all aspects of this specific topic so there is no need to go somewhere else and find more.

  • Have a solution and a plan of action on how to achieve success.

  • Be honest and truthful in your attitude and information. Be consistent, this builds trust with your readers, you are reliable.


How to Use Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Preparing your Article with Keywords


Have you thought of a topic yet?  Make a list of subjects that interest you and you can write about.


The content should have a keyword and a keyword phrase describing the topic. Eg. you have a Dog website and the article is about puppy food,  the keyword is Puppy.


The keyword phrase is then Healthy Puppy Food.


Write at least one post per week and publish it on the same day every week.


Have a notebook or your phone ready, every time you think of something interesting and relevant, add it to your list as a next topic.


For each Blogging post


  • Decide on a topic


  • Research your topic for this topic on the Internet or elsewhere


  • Read other posts on the same topic to see how other bloggers publish them. Make yours different and better.


  • Search for popular keywords and keyword phrases in Jaaxy


  • Select an attention-grabbing headline


  • Start writing your amazing content with confidence, it should be dynamic


  • Have a framework with different paragraphs for each section and a conclusion


  • Lastly your name and a photo stating who you are


Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Finding the best Keywords



  • Write an introduction, explaining the subject and in detail how this post can enhance your visitor’s life.


  • Make your paragraphs a maximum of three or four sentences, not longer. People see your site as more approachable when there are open spaces and not a block of info. It is easier to read.


  • Avoid long sentences, each should be less than 20 words. Yes, count them my dear, and restructure your sentence to fit the criteria.


  • Divide your content into five or more subdivisions or paragraphs with headings, and repeat your keywords in the text.


  • Use bullet points to organise the info, it makes it easier to understand.


  • Lastly, there should be a Conclusion. It is a little summary, rounding the post off mentioning the way it can help with a problem.


  • Offer the solution, a CTA to buy something, Call To Action.


Keywords and Keyword Phrases


Keywords and Keyword Phrases are the words and phrases people use when searching in Google for information, eg.  They will search for Dogs and then be more specific they will search for Puppy Food.



Google robots crawl all the sites on the lookout for keywords explaining the website’s content, it selects the most popular words on a subject.


It is those words or phrases you select on Jaaxy, a keyword search app. to write your blog. It shows you which words to use in your writing to make your website popular.


Importance of Keywords for your Article


What does blogging with keywords mean?


It is keywords explaining the essence of your post. These are the words people use when searching the Internet for information.


With the topic you have chosen, comes certain keywords that describe the essence of your content.


If the searched keywords are the same as yours, your website will come up in the search and your blog will be presented.


In WA they teach you about low hanging fruits, meaning keywords not so popular but precisely spot-on to get your info out there.


Use the correct keywords to write honest helpful information. Use your keyword a few times in your content.


Google registers your content as good and valuable. The keywords and quality information give you a higher ranking.


Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Search Tool for Good Keywords


Tools or apps are making it easy to find and present a blogger with the most used keywords. It is therefore important to find the words popular to your topic using these tools.



WEALTHY AFFILIATE [WA] has one of the best tools to help find popular keywords, by the name of JAAXY. You can join for free.



It assists in finding the words describing your niche. Keyword search tools on the Internet are Ubersuggest of Neil Patel and Google has an excellent keyword tool in Google Keyword Planner that you can try.



Here is an example of the keyword search tool, Jaaxy. Give it a try and find your keywords! See how it works,

Finding the right Keywords are key to your success.



Where do I get my Information from?


  • Search your topic wide on Google and the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing for your information.


  • See what your competition is doing. Read their blogs, analyse and see what and how they are presenting it.


  • Get your ideas and information, simplistically write the content, never be complicated.


  • The knowledge you have gained with your interest, hobby or sports activity can also help you write good content with personal advice.


  • Write your own experienced opinions in reviews on items or topics you are familiar with and use examples.


  • Do some thorough research on the Internet, in-depth. Search up to 3 levels deep.


  • Make sure it is the truth, cross-examine and when in doubt rather leave it.


  • A hint from one of the gurus is to read all the top pages on page one of Google. Take hints from them and assemble your article with the best information combined.


  • Never copy and paste someone else’s information, or copy it word for word. It is illegal. The robots pick it up, disqualify your site and you will be known as a fraud.


  • Go to a bookstore like Amazon, or one down the street and search for books on your topic. Read the introduction and index, there are many times good interesting points you might use and research them before writing.


  • Keywords and Keyword Phrases Searching for Keywords and keyword Phrases Lady-on-computer-writing-a-blog-with-reference-books-open-Magazines and Newspapers also have the information you can use to expand your knowledge and then apply it.

  • Find your information far and wide. All the content you write must be original and your own.


Keywords and Keyword Phrases

How to write articles for your website?

Keywords and Keyword Phrases. Wealthy Affiliate banner

 Top 12 Tips writing and Article


  • No one will know your website is there if there is nothing on it. Therefore, it is important to put the effort in to write the best quality content you can. Catch the eye of the search engines and the visitors.


  • Start by selecting your keyword and keyword phrase. Find keywords related to your topic.


  • Find an interesting opening statement that will grab their attention and want to read more


  •  It normally takes your reader just a few seconds to stay on your site or go. Your title has to be eye-catching for the reader to know more.


  • Statistics found that 80% of people will read your headline but only 20% will continue to read the content.


  • The main aim is to build trust with your visitors. Never post false information or misleading content. Once they have detected it, your reputation is ruined and you can close business.


  • When writing, talk to one person, have a one on one conversation in your blog. Tell a short story as part of the content, make it interesting and knowledgeable. Make your reader feel special, your info should enhance their lives, so they want to come back.


  • Internal Links are links to other articles on your website to make them stay longer. Focus on bringing a solution to a problem.


  • Write an article once a week, and publish it on the same day. Your visitors get used to a routine and will make it part of theirs too to come and visit.


  • Post relevant images on your blog, but you can not just post any picture you like. Most pictures have copyrights. Some sites have wonderful free pictures for Bloggers. Pixabay.com is such a site.


  • After a few weeks, go back and renew your content. Be active on your site, reply to all comments, and answer questions.


  • Do the best marketing you can. There are many free ways to market. Share your posts or articles on your social media accounts, don’t underestimate this aspect, my dear.


Keywords and Keyword Phrases

The Last Say


What is a successful article then Gran?


Find a keyword or phrase, that people use when searching Google, my dear.


Gather all the information on that specific topic for your post. Your visitor should feel, now they know it all. Always over-deliver my dear.


Tell your reader more about a product or emotion than they have asked for. Let them feel they have read something they did not know.

These, my dear, are some of the secrets of successful blogging.

Make writing the happy hours of your day.

Your Gran



Inspire, Motivate and Empower the Next Generation

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  1. O wow, this is a thourough list of things to do!! I have bookmarked it and hope to be able to follow at least a third of them. Do you think even just a tiny part of your instructions could help my articles? Or do I have to follow every step and bullet point?
    When I tried to try out Jaaxy, it asked me to sign up. Is that safe? Can I use it for free or will it ask me to pay afterwards? Sorry, but I am a true beginner and could need some guidance. You seem to know a lot about how to do that and the fact that I found your article proves that!
    Thanks for your help,

    1. Hi Jan Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate your kind words!
      Wealthy Affiliate has a fantastic training program and it is free to join. It is a 100% safe and legitimate program, and we are more that 2 million members, and it is ranked by Google as the best. It got 9.5 out of 10 I think

      I have posted a live keyword finder of Jaaxy on that blog that you can test without joining. Joining WA as we call it is free to join and you can leave any moment you want to, no obligation at all. Jaaxy is free, there is an upgraded version though if you want to have more functions.

      It will be to your benefit if you can apply all. Start and add as you can.

      If I can do it anything is possible … lol
      Hahahaha only realise now you are part of our virtual family! So most of it you already know.
      You are welcome to contact me anytime you need help. I will do my best and together we will find a solution.
      To your success!

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