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Darling Thinette



Internet Home Business For Beginners

With this worldwide pandemic, people were losing their jobs the world over. The only solution was the Internet. Internet Home Business for beginners became a buzzword, because the world as we knew, has changed completely, as a matter of fact, and will never be the same.


Being at home during lockdown not earning, most people turned to the Internet to find an opportunity to survive.  Most people searched for options to make money from home and everybody turned to the Internet.


A good friend of mine was laid off at work and realised online offers endless opportunities, and was willing to take the risk.


He searched for days to find a solution. In the end, he was guided to find a topic he loved and started a website, offering his knowledge online. He started a website reviewing and promoting golfing equipment and is now doing what he loves, is with his family all day, working from home.

He is not even considering going back to an office. Solving people’s problems by selling products to enhance their lives, earning a commission is now his mission. A niece of mine became a tutor online for kids at school, teaching extra classes in mathematics. Another family member is tutoring English as a second language on the Internet.


There are so many opportunities, as well as scams on the Internet, not all businesses are legitimate therefore, it is wise to make pretty sure.


Legitimate Offer

Knowing you do not have any background in Affiliate Marketing, I thought it wise to explain to you in very easy terms what it is all about,

After being a member of the best training program for almost 2 years, I am happy to share my experience with you.

This program takes care of beginners and lead you by the hand. Let me first tell you about my walk in the woods before Wealthy Affiliate, my dear.


Part of my History


In my search over the last 12 years, I came across many options on how to make money online, but none worked for me. Some were scams lying about their success, and the others too advanced for my knowledge.



My past experience was not very successful. I joined the program of a well-known Guru, but the training manual I bought was mostly written in a coded language. Had to go into the back-office, the coded programming area, and it scared the daylight out of me.



I couldn’t understand most of the tasks and with no support, it is needless to say, I did not get anywhere. But then I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate!


Internet Home Business For Beginners Wealthy Affiliate banner

In November 2018 someone sends me an invitation to look at an option to earn money on the Internet.

It is a Training Company, Wealthy Affiliate. They offer free membership with 10 free lessons to develop your own website. It immediately caught my eye. In the past training was a problem, and this was what I was looking for.

I read more and see Wealthy Affiliates ranked as one of the best on the Internet. They offer ten free lessons and videos to set up your own website, making the choice easy. with the option to upgrade.


 Joining was free, with no obligation. It only gets better and I thought to myself, this could be my opportunity.


Curiosity got the better of me,  I filled my email and pushed the button. Once on the inside, I was surprised to see WEALTHY AFFILIATE [WA] is offering exactly what I was looking for all these years?

At last, I found the solution to prove to myself, I can do this.


Finally, here is my opportunity to get financially sound and have personal freedom. With WA it is possible.

Free membership for life, with an option to upgrade when I am ready and I can leave anytime I want. It sounded very good, therefore, I did not hesitate and join.


I can do it!


Once on the inside, I immediately became part of a community of 1.5 million WEALTHY AFFILIATE members, many very successful.


All very helpful and ready to give encouragement, advice and support 24/7 for 365 days when needed.



I was welcomed by many in the community and the owners’ Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim from Canada gave me a warm welcome too.

I felt at home, and that is how it started. No regrets just gratitude for this wonderful opportunity.



People are looking for ways and means to create an income from the Internet and be able to work from home.


Most of all, to earn money and eventually replace their salary.



Creating a website was made so easy, the Technical team do half the work, and with the push of a button, the site was up and running.



Affiliate Marketing is one way. In this letter, I will explain what it is and above all, how to start your business for free, my dear.



Internet Home Business For Beginners

How do I make money with Affiliate Marketing


  • To be an Affiliate means you have agreed to promote products of a company on your site and will get compensated with a commission when it sells. There are many companies that offer affiliate programs and are too glad when you promote and sell their products.



  • As a website owner, you write blogs or articles on the topic you have chosen for your site. To make money, find relevant products in the marketplace and advertise them to your visitors. Products that will enhance their life or solve their problem.



  • Internet Home Business For Beginners Huge-nest-in-top-of-the-tree-storkFind a safe branch to sit on in this tree. Be more specific. Narrow your topic down, remember people search for their specific needs. They already know what they want, which makes keyword search so important.



  • Find a smaller more specific niche.


  • Many companies have affiliate programs.  Join an affiliate program of a company, and get approved. Now you can choose a product, promote it on your website and offer a service to your visitors.


  • Once you have joined the affiliate program of the company, they will then supply you with an advertisement banner. It will have an encoded link to your name and bank account.


  • When people visiting your website decided to buy the product and click the advert, the link takes them to the site of the company, where the company deals with the order.


The visitor order an item from the link pays the company for the goods, and the company send it to the buyer. The sale gets registered against your name and you get paid a commission into your bank account, at no cost to the buyer.

The company share their profit with you by paying you a percentage, thus making you an Affiliate Marketer.


Internet Home Business For Beginners

The Reputation of Wealthy Affiliate Program


This is one of the best Internet opportunities online.  It is rated as the best opportunity amongst people who knows. Ordinary people, for example, like you and me, joined this program, became millionaires by following this process.


Internet Home Business For Beginners mage-of-man-with-all-his-moneyRatings on Google for Excellence

  • Excellent video training with step by step instructions to build your website. Rating of 4.8 out of 5.0



  • Support system 24/7 from any of the 1.4 million members helping and guiding you within minutes. Rating of 5.0 out of 5.0



  • Building a website becomes so easy with the hands-on step by step instructions on video from Kyle.  Rating of 4.9 out of 5.0



  • Research Keywords for your content with Jaaxy, a keywords search tool, perfecting your articles for Google.   Rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.



  • Hosting is also included, that is the way you keep in contact with the world. Rating of 4.8 out of 5.0



  • The success rate of people completing their website and achieving their goals with Wealthy Affiliate. Rating of 4.5 out of 5.0


Internet Home Business For Beginners Wealthy Affiliate banner


Everybody has a dream to work from home or wherever they are. Best of all, making more money than normal people. It is not an overnight quick results scheme.



You might ask, “How do they do it, Gran?”



It takes very hard work, patience, dedication and persistence, my dear, but oh so rewarding.



Click the link to grab an opportunity to join, it is free.



Well, if you are reading this, one way of making money from home, has just landed in your lap.

Become the next successful Internet entrepreneur with WEALTHY AFFILIATE marketing as your business.


Internet Home Business For Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate [WA]


Your Dream Team

Introducing you to Kyle and Carson the Owners by Kyle’s own words.



“First off, we would like to personally welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate. I am Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate and I am going to be the one walking you through the training and the process of building a successful business online.



Carson, the other co-founder works more with the technical team (close to 30 full-time employees) so you will see a bit less of him, although he is still very much active here within the community every day.



Here is a photo of us and our families below (me and my family on LEFT, Carson and family on RIGHT). 🙂

Internet Home Business For Beginners. Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affilliate owners.



Our goal in the early stages here is to EARN your trust and help you get moving in the right direction with your business. We realise that the industry is full of companies that are not all that trustworthy and it has been our mission over the past 15 years to do things differently.



Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, and during this 15 year period, we have helped close to 1.7 MILLION people during this time!”



Internet Home Business For Beginners

What do I get

Internet Home Business For Beginners. Membership options

  • Free membership


It can last a lifetime or 7 days, it is your choice. Free membership for as long as you want. There is no need to upgrade if not ready, only if you want to take advantage of the discounted rate and the unlimited lessons.


Free members have 2 free websites to develop.



As a free member, you are granted the luxury of 7 days full membership, for the reason, to see and feeling what it is all about. To interact with the community, ask questions and have training for seven days.  Have free access to 10 training lessons to build the essentials of a website.



  • Full membership


Go Premium

Get a huge discount the moment you join and only pay $19 the first month and $49 per month for, paid annually, as long as you stay a member. You can decide when you want to out.



As a full member, you get free domains, owned websites to develop and @siterubix.com sites under the umbrella of Wealthy Affiliate to develop. It was overwhelming.



  • Full members have in the excess of 70  training lessons divided into categories and more training from the other experienced members too.



  • Live seminars every Friday from Jay, the life training coach. All neatly kept in a library for you to listen to when you need training on a specific topic.



  • Private training, hosting, website security, technical support and practical support which is priceless and a phenomenon on the Internet. All-inclusive.



  • There is an annual membership fee optional.



  • If you are lucky there is a Black Friday sale and you can get your annual subscription for much less.



With all the extras, subsequently, one gets far more than you pay for.



Internet Home Business For Beginners



The Wealthy Affiliate is a Training Company. They teach you how to build your own website, and then how to make money from it. There is an experienced community assisting and guiding you 24/7 with every question you have, especially for the Newbies.


Internet Home Business For Beginners.

All you need, to build a successful website, is excellent training and support. It consists of hundreds of lessons and videos Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. The two owners and the best training coach.



~ Kyle the training guru. He makes sure you know what to and how to do it in the excellent training videos.



~ Carson the technical guru. Make sure everything is running smoothly behind the screens. See to the unlimited web hosting and website security. The Internet security on Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best and all is free. Their well-developed program will assist you and take care of all the technical issues.



~ Jay Neil is our well seasoned live training coach. Delivering live training every Friday, on all you want and need to know. The videos are kept in a library and you can access them anytime to study them.



It is a winning combination. They are proud of the fact that WA has earned its reputation as the best training program on the Internet.



Internet Home Business For Beginners

Building your Site


Follow the instructions on the Website Builder page in the menu and type your information into the spaces provided. As a free member select a theme from 12 different template options or as a full member there is a choice of more than 4000 options. When done push the button.



After a couple of minutes, your website is done, WordPress is installed too and ready for blogging. Carson and his dedicated technical team are responsible for this magic.



The training WEALTHY AFFILIATE [WA] offers are the most comprehensive and the best on the Internet, rated 9.5 out of 10. The Wealthy Affiliate program offers a Support system that is the X-Factor of their great success.



Kyle, will explain to you step by step in the first ten lessons on how to develop your website. Explaining how to build your website from the very beginning. How to register your own website. Thinking about the Domain name and consequently selecting a website name.



Best Internet small business entrepreneur typing on the laptop with cell phone next to itSetting up the website during the first ten lessons is very basic, in contrast, as a full member you can now continue to develop your site.

In the next training phase members with full membership build and add more to their site. We are taught how to add pictures, change menus, add widgets, changing your header making it more pretty.



Furthermore add the social media icons like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter for interaction on your site, and get it SEO ready.


Internet Home Business For Beginners. Wealthy Affiliate banner


Internet Home Business For Beginners

What is SEO

SEO Network explained.Everyone talks about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ). It is the name given to the activity when the robots select the site with the best information to appear in the first spot on Google when you search.



It is called ranking on the Search Engines. Everybody wants to fill that first spot. Keywords or search words in the topic of your posts and in the contents on your website determine whether you get there or not.



Here is JAAXY a keyword search application.

It is live, try it …

Keywords help Google or other search engines to find your site. That makes Keywords so important. Resulting in more traffic which means more money, and this is the aim, my dear.



Your Money


Wealthy Affiliate does not take any money off the commission earned from sales on your site. The company gets its money from the membership fees and that is it, it is a training company.



All the money earned through your affiliate links on your website goes directly into your bank account. Paid by the company as a form of commission by promoting their product.



Image of piles of money. Your money growing.This, in a nutshell, my dear Thinette, is an introduction to one of the safest ways to make money on the Internet.



The more you put in, the more you get out. Working harder and smarter will earn you more.


Learn from the Best!


Hardworking people are successful people who build their own wealth.


Internet Home Business For Beginners

Mindset and Attitude


Dan Lok a very successful entrepreneur coach and mentor have this to say:


7 Things Poor People Do That Rich People Don’t Do


1]   Poor people watch TV, to escape their situation, therefore, living in a dream world.


Rich people Read Books, it ultimately motivates them, increasing their knowledge to achieve more.


2]  Poor people get paid based on Time, and as a result, falls into a comfort zone.


Rich people get paid based on results, making them certainly, more responsible. For an athlete, for example, it doesn’t matter how many hours he practices, it is the results that matter.


 3]  Poor people blame others for their misfortune, if it is not the politics it is the company or family. 

Lame people Blame people.


Rich people take Responsibility for their failures, and at the same time responsibility brings Growth and Power.


4]  Poor people focus on Saving. A penny saved is still a penny says Dan, therefore, you don’t have a Savings problem you have an Income problem. 


Rich people focus on Investing, furthermore, let money work for you. In other words, earn more, invest and not save.


5]  Poor people think they Know it All. Always very opinionated. Have an opinion on everything, to get attention, to put the focus elsewhere.


Rich people continuously Learn. Ask Questions and Listen, therefore, Reading is continuous learning.


6]  Poor people think money is the root of all Evil, hence, making people greedy.


Rich people believe Poverty is the root of all Evil. Crime, drugs, family problems, etc.


Money is a Neutral entity, hence, it is a Tool. How you use it, makes it effective or not.


7]  Poor people have a Lottery Mentality. In their mind, it is the only way to get rich, on the other hand, buying a ticket is buying a Fantasy, not a Reality.


Rich people have an Action Mentality. It is All up to Me to make it happen. My Actions will dictate the outcome. Rich people, in contrast, rely only on “Myself.”


Internet Home Business For Beginners


Wealthy Affiliate offers the Best Home Internet Business you will find.


The Training and Community Support is what makes it the best on the Internet.


Taylor Made just for You.


Make use of this free option, to develop the best Internet home business, as a result, secure a better future for you and your family!


Think twice and do not let this golden opportunity slip by. You are never too old, you are at the perfect age to build and secure a good future now.


There is nothing to lose, but financial freedom to gain. Building your own best Home Internet business and therefore, fulfilling your dreams and goals.


Could this be one of the moments in life, you will regret not acting upon?

Wealthy Affiliate banner

You can do it!

Greetings from the Wealthy Affiliate community

Granny Stella

Granny Estelle

Inspire Motivate And Empower The Next Generation


Internet Home Business For Beginners


 There were 2 sites on Internet business almost the same, so I have decided to join them, it just makes more sense.

These are comments of the joined account and you can leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you please.

So sorry for the inconvenience but thank you for understanding!

14 thoughts on “The Best Home Business To Start”

Prisca Molapi
27/05/2019 at 20:18 | Edit

Hi Estelle,

After reading your article it has just reassured me I need to do more for my family, being raised with the mentality of working hours from 08.00 – 17.00 hrs truly has lost its importance.

In our part of the world there are simply no jobs; you could be holding the highest qualification and still not get a job. And what’s more the money is ridiculously low.

It’s a devastating really and I wish for everyone to hop onto Affiliate Marketing and find a way out of whatever hole they are in. Good article Stella, I hope it serves as a reminder the possibilities it can bring.


27/05/2019 at 21:20 | Edit

Very true Priska, the world has become a strange place … nothing we knew, is hardly the same.
It is good to often stop and get back to look back at the essence of what life means. Renew and refresh and start over again with new enthusiasm.
Thank you for your comment it is highly appreciated.


27/05/2019 at 06:41 | Edit

Hi Estelle,

Great description of differences between poor and rich people’s mindset. Very informative.

I’m a premium member of WA and form my perspective the biggest value is the amazing community which supports you in every cases and constantly motivates you to developing your business.


27/05/2019 at 17:13 | Edit

Yes Kamil I agree, the community of support is the X-FACTOR that WA has over other programs.
Have tried different programs in the past but none was successful until I joined WA.
The support has a motivating factor too.
Best wishes for great success!
Bush Lady

Internet Home Business For Beginners



27/05/2019 at 03:45 | Edit

Hello Estelle,

The poor person’s mindset was a really good eye-opener. When I tried to do an online business previously, I didn’t succeed because of that mindset. I’m glad WA has helped get this far and I hope you will continue to do well too


27/05/2019 at 17:08 | Edit

A right mindset makes all the difference.
We have to make changes to be successful. not always easy but necessary.
Being raised by the concept that being lesser is the acceptable decent norm, makes us all losers it the race to success.
Thank you for your comment and opinion, it is valuable.
Bush Lady


Internet Home Business For Beginners

27/05/2019 at 03:24 | Edit

Hi Estelle,

I love the list of 7 things poor people do that rich people don’t. Each item is true!

To be truly successful, we must escape that poor mentality. It can be extremely difficult when that’s all you were raised around your whole life, but I’d like to add to that list the eighth item.

I’d say another “poor” mindset is thinking to work for others instead of for yourself. Many are happy being employees forever. I have no issue with being an employee just to have another stream of income, but I do take issue with being an employee as your only source of income. Sadly, this is very common.

I hope more people wake up to communities like WA!


27/05/2019 at 16:53 | Edit

Isn’t it? … and it is an eye-opener, Andre.
It just shows how much we are brainwashed to follow blindly certain rules of society.

Luckily time and technology have changed it all and everybody is waking up to create a better life.
Very true we are all raised to be fantastic workers, the best you can get to fill their pockets and we stay poor.

It is up to us all to spread the wonderful word of WA.
Thank you for very valuable input, I appreciate your comment!
Bush Lady


Althea McIntyre
26/05/2019 at 22:06 | Edit

This is very good information. It is funny how sometimes one struggles with finding material for their content. You have done an excellent job with this piece. It was two-fold for me, fun and serious business. You made it real by the added media – video and photos. Continue with your awesome work.


27/05/2019 at 16:39 | Edit

Thank you, Althea, for your comment, it is motivating.
Glad you enjoyed it as well as getting value from it.
Best of luck to you.


26/05/2019 at 18:55 | Edit

Internet Home Business For Beginners

Excellent article Stella!

I love the 7 points you have listed from Dan Lok I have watched a few of his videos on YouTube and heard these points before but it never hurts to be reminded of them!

I have used Wealthy Affiliate for nearly 2 years and I have received fantastic support and made some great bonds with fellow budding entrepreneurs!


26/05/2019 at 19:29 | Edit

Yes, the points are great, he is a no-nonsense guy and has no time for stupidity.
I have only started a few months ago. There is some techno stuff I struggle with but are progressing slowly on my mission!
I am now on the monetizing stage and does not have the easiest of niches … lol
Thank you for dropping by I appreciate it!

p/s I have been to your site too and find it of great value.


20/05/2019 at 08:37 | Edit

Hi Stella, I’m impressed about the difference between poor and rich people’s mindset that you are sharing in this post. It is true that we should change our mindset before we learn to invest and start our own business. And I’m already a member of WA, I have to say WA is a really awesome platform. The step by step training provided by Kyle is very easy to follow, you can build we online business practically with no obstacles. Moreover, WA members are always ready to help each other. Great platform!


20/05/2019 at 10:54 | Edit

Yes, it really makes one think Shaun!
Mindset and attitude are the two starters of a great future.
WA is the answer to dreams of becoming a reality for many people.
The support and care to help you succeed are tremendous in WA.
Best wishes for a bright future!

8 Comments on “1. Internet Home Business For Beginners”

  1. Hi Stella
    After searching over and over trying to find a genuine business I could build form home, I stumbled across the Wealthy Affiliate site. Definitely, will give it a go as all the tools and help are there for you.

    1. It is very true Mark, Wealthy Affiliate it trustworthy, has excellent training and the support you get with in minutes from the community is the X-Factor! The key to you achieving your goals are the comprehensive training lessons, stick to it religiously and soon you will have the results you were searching for.
      To your Success!

  2. Hi Stella,

    Another wonderful post! Thinette has the best Gran! I too love Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend it too Thinette!

    The laptop lifestyle really is a possibility in this day and age. I have my own online business and travel and spending time with family is paramount and so easy to do here.

    Keep up the great work Stella, your dreams are unfolding,


    1. This is WA on ground level, explaining the concept in the simplest form for a novis to have an idea of this brilliant opportunity.
      As long as she realises it is a long slow dedicated effort to make your dreams come true.
      Thank you for your valuable comment.

  3. This program sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. It’s so easy to fall for scams and it get pretty disheartening when you’ve been looking for a work from home job for a long time. You’ve made this company sound very attractive and I think I will go ahead and check them out. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Debbie, Very glad you found some value!
      Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform and the only on I will recommend.
      The training is excellent and step by step, but the winning factor is the unlimited continues support from the leaders and all the other members. Within minutes your question gets answered.
      If you are not a member already this is a great opportunity.
      All the best to you!

  4. Stella, I must admit that I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate (WA is simply the very best place to learn how to start and run an online affiliate marketing business. I’ve been a member for several years and have learned so much. I have over 20 websites I learned how to build through the WA training. I have about 10 affiliate blog sites and several sites i created and run for clients. The learning and hosting platform is awesome. and their is a huge community of experts available to answer your questions. You are right, that the support staff is great too. WA is a unique and wonderful place to learn what you need. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Shirley, As I am busy with the Blogging post, and doing my research, there is just one place that can give you all you need for online success.
      There is no other option or an alternative coming close, Wealthy Affiliate is the clear winner by a mile!
      Wow, congratulations, you have an impressive portfolio, and it is great that you can accommodate all in one place with one membership fee.
      Thank you for your valuable comment and testimony, it says it all!
      After this, none can have any doubts.
      Kind regards

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