The Ideal Man


Dear Thinette

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Find the ideal man according to your requirements. Have a list of character trends ready that are important to you. The perfect man is infused with the moral purpose of caring kindness and compassion and has a sense of style too.

Put together your own definition of your ideal man and start looking for him.

It is so exciting to go out and find the man of your dreams. Men are very interesting human beings and the ideal one is every woman’s Super Hero. How do I search for The Ideal Man and How to Keep Him?

I once read the nature of a man is made up of four elements,  the Beastly, the Brutal, the Satanic, and The Divine. We will focus on the last one to find The Ideal Man and how to keep him. Men normally keep the rest for survival and battles.

German Virtues, The German Virtues, Decency, Sincerity

The Ideal Man

One of the biggest challenges you will ever face, is finding your ideal man and then how to keep him. It is not about the face value, it goes deeper, my dear. You should know exactly what virtues your ideal man has to have and what habits are important.


Charismatic Men

According to history, there were quite a few ideal men, Casanova, Don Juan, Romeo, Mark Anthony, Julius Caesar, Lord Byron, Errol Flynn and Gabriele D’Annunzio.

When looking closer, the men in history have been myths. The older Casanovas were less romantic.

One was a fantasy, but the other, was romantic players for selfish reasons, seducing and abusing women and then breaking their hearts.

 They could be called toxic men, with an air of romanticism given to them without earning it, my dear.

Are there any modern-day men with charisma and style?  Their behaviour should show the respect they have for a woman. Who will it be Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington or Keanu Reeves?

The modern Casanova still has to prove his worth as an ideal man, and whether he is a keeper or not.

What Do I Have To Look For

What are the personality and characteristics you should look for in an ideal man that will secure lifelong happiness?

He is a man who will respect and protect you, appreciate you, adore you and desire you for who you are. Treat you like his princess, it makes you feel loved, secure and happy. He will thus be your ideal man and superhero forever.


I believe you will find more than one soulmate during your lifetime. Not everybody is so lucky. The best way is to move on like a butterfly until you find your perfect man, he is out there.


How Can I Help You

What Makes an Ideal Man Different

On the outside, it is easy to see the differences between a man and a woman, but the real difference is on the inside. Women are normally easy to read, and on the other hand, men are far more difficult.


They are taught to be strong and therefore hide their emotions. Men feel vulnerable when their emotions or feelings are exposed.

A man needs to trust you before he will show his true self. Behind this facade of bravado, a soft gentleman is waiting to be embraced.


Responsibilities have a huge impact and make a man who he is. He lives in a serious and very competitive world.


He is a logical thinker who has to win, solve problems, and are always chasing a goal.

Make it a priority to understand your ideal man and not judge him from your perspective.


Therefore men are all about happiness, fun and joy. The best way to get a man’s attention is to be happy, full of fun and laugh easily.

Be a ray of sunshine and just be your normal self, be light-hearted, flirty and a bundle of joy. Only be serious when the situation asks for it.


Inside a man on a mission, there is a romantic who wants to break free. Never judge your man. Ask yourself … Why does he behave that way? Find the reason behind his behaviour.

The Ideal Man

What will make me happy

Most of all, he must love you with all his heart. Leave no stone untouched if something upsetting happens or threatens your relationship. He will do all he can to restore the equilibrium to make you happy.

Important Characteristics

1. Respect you and all other women. Observe his behaviour towards people, animals and things. Most importantly, he must respect your boundaries.

2. Your ideal man will be honest and loyal in everything he does and how he talks. He must never lie to you.

3. Sharing your past, future, feelings and happenings. Be vulnerable but feel safe at the same time in a peaceful warm relationship with him. He will feel the same and only open up if he can trust you fully. That creates intimacy.

4. Is he kind and caring towards you and tells you every day he loves and adores you? Is he kind to people and animals?

5. Can you trust him? Does he do what he says, in other words, do his actions match his words? Acts speak louder than words.

6. Being compassionate. Does he care? The way he talks about his parents, family and friends is important. That is the way he will care for and talk about you too.

7. Is he a generous person, or stingy? The law of the Universe teaches you, that what you give comes back to you in many ways.

8. Does he forgive easily and say, I am sorry? It is not necessary to always be right.

9. Gives you space to be yourself and to develop your personality, not controlling and restricting you to be a puppet to his liking.

10. To be your partner in all you do, and always be on your side. Are you a dream team together?

11. Is he a responsible man to honour his responsibilities? Is he wise when spending his money?

12.  Does he protect you, and make you feel safe? Love you deeply and make you feel secure in public and at home.

13.  Are you doing things together, is he spending quality time with you?

14. Does he have the same values as you, did he grow up with the same lifestyle and standards as you? Are you discussing it?

15. Is he confident, and has good skills to make a good life?

16. Does he have ambition and a plan for the future? Does he discuss it with you?

17. Your ideal man should support you in your goals and help you grow as a person. You should both support each other.


No man can be all. It is wise to prioritise your points of importance. See how many points you can tick off for your perfect man.


All of these are important, it is hard to compromise on any. If a man’s behaviour ticks all these boxes, he is a true gentleman and will make the best of his future and yours.

If one is missing it can become a deal-breaker in the future. To summarise, he must be a man of integrity and show gentlemanly behaviour towards a woman. You must be his priority number one.



This is certainly the most important thing to have in a relationship. Talk about anything and everything on a daily basis. Being honest and truthful in your discussions creates trust and intimacy.

There is a difference in the ways men and women communicate. The ideal man will communicate and sometimes without emotion.

He negotiates for power to achieve a goal for your benefit and does not mean to control you. They want to avoid failure and want to win the situation in the best possible way.


Women on the other hand communicate with emotion to get closer, seek understanding, approval and love, to find equality and balance.


Two different strategies can cause many misunderstandings, ending in arguments. By watching body language you will learn a lot, and prevent a bad situation before it gets out of hand.

Possible Solutions

If you feel unhappy about something, walk up to him, put your arms around him and say you feel hurt and are not happy.

Explain the problem and ask him, what he would suggest as the best way to solve the situation. Give him the power and he will do whatever he can to make you happy.

Be direct, don’t play the guessing game. Never hint to a man. Make an honest request, and give him the power to be able to serve you.

Making you feel special, is his way to make you happy, and when you are happy it makes him happy too. Men do not do small talk, tell them what you want.

How to treat him

He is communicating with you, with his actions. See it and verbally appreciate it by telling him.


When in public, acknowledge his achievements and tell people how proud you are of him. It boosts his ego and makes him fond of you.


Always defend your man when someone says something negative.


Support and encourage him in all his actions, whether at home or work.


Listen to what he says with an open mind. Never judgemental or criticising.

Your Duty for Happiness

Have a life of your own. Earn your own money, have your own friends and your own hobbies. Be independent in every way! Never depend financially on a man, or expect him to keep you busy and entertained, rather share your exciting life with him.


Know the love language of your man. If you observe closely you will recognise it.


The 5 Languages of Love.


1. Words. Is he often verbally telling you he loves you, you look pretty, or sexy? Leave your little notes of love. He will ask: Do you love me or do you want to make love to me?


2. Quality Time. Does he spend time with you, do things with you, and take you to special places? Come to you where you are busy in the kitchen or wherever just to be with you.


3. Acts of Love. Do things for you that are part of your everyday routine as a surprise without asking him. Mix your favourite drink, start your car early in the morning and be ready for you to go to work, Run your bath with candles and a glass of wine at the end of the day.


4. Showering you with Gifts. Does he bring you flowers, chocolates or jewelleryMan-and-Woman-hanging-a-gift-around-her-neck

as a surprise, or treat you to dinner at a special restaurant or maybe a weekend away.


5. Physical Touch. He will put his arms often around you and just hold you. Walk down the street holding your hand or with his arm around your waist. Touching when talking to you or pinching your bum when walking past.

Find his way of loving and love him back the same way and he will know you love him too.



So many things to keep in consideration when looking for your ideal partner, my dear.

It will help a lot when you know what you want. Make your list of characteristics of importance and let that be the judge when making a choice.

Love you lots

Granny Stella

Gran Estelle

Be Fabulous, Feisty and Fearless


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2 Comments on “The Ideal Man”

  1. Very interesting, I’ve learned from my marriage that it’s all about communication and learning how to understand the other person even if you don’t agree.

    Once the initial honeymoon stage is over it takes a lot of work and so far it seems neverending.

    I also believe that no none is perfect and nothing will be easy, but all the effort has been worth it in the end.

    1. Hi Lee,

      You are right, commitment is not a destination but just the beginning of your lifelong journey together!
      Two strong circles form a chain and are even stronger.
      Knowing there will be friction, it is good to give it attention and as a unity, it will overcome all obstacles
      Keep polishing those links and you will have an unbreakable chain!

      Best wishes for happiness!

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