The Secret Language Of Relationships.

The Secret Language of Relationships.

Dear Thinette

know how to get your guy . Minette


Stay Who You are, and never change. It is one of the secrets of a happy relationship. Have this attitude, my dear, never change for anybody if you are not prepared to, and never try to change any other person to your needs and wants.

Don’t even try to do it, my dear, because, you will be wasting your time. He will never change long-term, and besides that, no one has the right to manipulate another person.

Remember this dear Thinette, no man has the right to change a woman to his wants and needs too, and no woman has the right to try and manipulate a man. For instance, when he suggests or told you to wear more revealing clothes. He needs to boost his ego and be the envy of his mates by using you. 

I cannot emphasize this enough, because almost all women try to change their men.

Both should stay true to themself and respect each other to secure long term happiness. If there is something in their personality that you don’t like, it is not the right one.

People are willing to change just to please you, but it is never permanent. After a while, everybody will go back to the old habits they are familiar with, and it is a clear sign you are not meant to be together.

Accept without feeling guilty or pity that this relationship will not be a happy one, especially not for you. Above all, you are doing both of you a favour. Move on and find your match, there are millions to choose from, my dear.

 The Secret Language of Relationships


Those pillars of a relationship that gives it a strong foundation are something every couple should know and have. A good and happy relationship takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be perfect.

Love and a committed relationship are not a destination, my dear but only the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

The CORNERSTONES to a healthy, committed, loving, long-lasting, intimate relationship are

~ RESPECT Accept the person for he or she is. Seek to understand the person. Be kind to one another. Accept there will be differences.

~ APPRECIATION  Value your partner. See all the small things they do and appreciate them with a kiss and a hug. Do something special for your partner every day. Be grateful for what they do, by saying thank you every time.

~ TRUST   Trust is one of the major contributors to a relationship. Without it, there is no relationship.  Be open with no secrets.  Communicate effectively. Honour your commitments. Be vulnerable.

~ HONESTY  Make your actions match your words. Know yourself and your intentions.  Be sincere in all you do. Accept your partner as a separate person with their ideas.

ADORATION and DESIRE are the other two pillars supporting the intimacy behind closed doors, making it perfect. Tell him and show him how much you adore and desire him. Show him he is the only one for you. Keep your love life exciting, fun and fresh.

Commitment In A Nutshell
● A Woman loves Commitment and Romance. She wants to feel SECURE, LOVED, HAPPY and SPECIAL in a relationship. Woman wants OBSESSION, DEVOTION and INTIMACY.

● To a Man, love means FUN TIME, SEX and EXCITEMENT with the woman of his choice, but he wants to feel SAFE, HAPPY, FREE and SECURE around you. A man wants RESPECT, APPRECIATION and ADMIRATION.

The Secret Language of Relationships.

What next

Move on and search till you find the one who ticks all the boxes. He is out there, you will find him. Do not sit back and wait for him, my dear.

Make a list of all the characteristics important to you, what behaviour is important to you in a man and how you want him to be.

What will your Lover, Best Friend and Hero BE like and not LOOK like? Looks don’t last but character and personality do, my dear.
Knowing what your must-haves are and what are the dealbreakers when getting to know him better will make it easier?

Must-haves can be:

  •  Kind with tenderness towards people and animals.

  •  Responsibility towards his work, parents and friends.

  •  Be compassionate and helpful.

  •  Love you dearly

  •  Sporty and active person.

  • Happy positive personality, laughing and being happy.

  •  Respectful when talking about his parents and friends.

  •  Dedicated to his occupation and have a vision for his future, and more.

  •  Must-haves can be


Dealbreakers can be:

  • He has a negative outlook on life and complains about everything.

  •  Drinking too much alcohol.

  • Abusive signs, being cruel to animals.

  • Tend to lie and have double standards

  •  An ego problem, have to be right all the time.

  •  Controlling nature of a narcissist.

Go out and make friends. Try to meet as many men as possible, watch, listen and observe. When you meet someone special, how does he make you feel? Does he tick the boxes you have set?

The Secret Language Of Relationships.. Hands of many friends one on top of the other declaring good close friendship


How does he make you feel?

  • Making you feel happy and secure.

  •  Accept you as you are

  •  Want to be around him all the time

  •  Feel so lucky to have him in your life

  •  Think of him all the time from opening your eyes in the morning until you close them at night.

Mmmmm then he might be the one for you, my dear!


The Secret Language Of Relationships

Be elusive and do not become too serious too soon. Make an informed decision that will last for the rest of your life. To meet Mr Right, make sure to do it with an open mind but not open legs, my love. Getting intimate too soon might attract the wrong guy.


Important to know is that a happy relationship has many secrets. To have a successful long-lasting relationship, pay attention to the other person and learn new tricks and skills to keep the relationship alive and exciting.

Everybody loves differently, some flourishes on spoken words other loves to touch hug and kiss, gifts does it for some and to do favours is another way to show you loved one you love.

It is good to pay attention, even more, it will help you to realize and know the secret language of a happy partnership.

Love you lots

Gran Stella

Gran Estelle

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