What is a Good Friend


Dear Thinette

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One of the best medicines in life is to have a good trusted friend. It has a positive effect on your health as well as your soul. Having a best friend makes your life whole, gives you confidence, is relaxing and makes you feel secure.

Who is a Good Friend

Being a good friend means support, loyalty and honesty, my dear. The way to find a good friend is to search for one who has the same values and interests and most of all is prepared to accept and compromise.


A relationship in which you both feel safe in vulnerable times. Have quality habits to be a best friend. Create your code for your special bond.


There is nothing worse than the feeling of betrayal. Someone who has broken trust, most importantly, if you thought he or she was a best friend.


It is a shock, a traumatic experience, heartbreaking and sad, and worst of all if they are gossiping around.


All trust has been broken, making you realise it takes a very special, dedicated, loyal person to have the qualities to be a true and best friend.



How to describe a good friend

Aristotle once said these true words:

A good friendship is “A single soul dwelling in two bodies” Aristotle.

This statement says it all.

To find a good friend is to be a good friend yourself. It is a dedicated friendship in the true sense of the word, with specific qualities for a good friendship. Find someone that will spark that behaviour in you.


There are ethics involved that will make a friend feel safe and secure, most importantly, to share her inner self.


A good friendship is based on integrity and consequently, it is earned my darling!


Friendship needs continuous effort and dedication. Knowing when support or when advice is needed. In short, it is the knowledge gained by being interested in his or her behaviour and as a person, hence knowing their needs.


This will be a mutual interest in each other, first of all, to make it a successful friendship of support.



What is a Good Friend

Guidance with Granny Qualities for a Good Friend. Two Best friends chatting and laughing together.

There are certain qualities one has to have, to become a good friend. Having a special friend enhances life, it gives a sense of belonging, self-worth and purpose.


What is a Good Friend

My Oath

  • Respect. I acknowledge and embrace who the other person is and treat him or her accordingly. Mutual respect is one of the most important qualities to have. Always keep secrets confidential, never to be spoken about outside the friendship.

Guidance with Granny Qualities for a Good Friend. Two Girls gossiping. laughing with their hands in front of their mouths

  • Gossip or listening to gossip is a bad habit. Form your own opinions. Do not talk behind his or her back.


  • Discuss it openly and calmly. When someone in a group talks harmful about other friends, walk away. It is disrespectful, and will subsequently, do the same to others too.


  • Honesty. Among all the trends’ honesty is one of the most meaningful for good friends. I will always tell the truth, be tactful and diplomatic, and never be cruel or abusive to hurt their feelings.


  • Be honest when discussing clothes, hairstyles, romance and job opportunities. Take his or her personality into consideration when expressing an honest diplomatic opinion.


  • Loyalty. Be faithful and dependable. Listen to my friend, I will try and put myself in his or her shoes. Best friends can rely on one another for assistance in all circumstances though I might feel different, I have to remember it is not about me.


  • Be there to help whether it is health, money, love or job-related problems. My friend has to know I will be there by his or her side no matter what, I am sincere and do it from my heart because I want to.


  • Trustworthy. This quality has to be earned. Keep private conversations confidential, it has to be part of moral principles. Never undermine a friend, be open upfront in all behaviour and always be there for each other.


  • Accepting. Coming from different backgrounds will make for diversion. Respect each other’s family cultures. What is good for one is not always good for the other. Do not try to change each other.


  • Embrace the differences, and discuss them for better understanding. Challenge and encourage each other to tell more about your values on different issues. Be even-handed in everything.


Guidance with Granny Qualities for a Good Friend. Two best friends lying casually on the grass with their hands behind their heads, staring at the clouds.


  • Low Maintenance. Do not be a demanding friend that needs attention every minute of the day. Both should have a full life of our own, no need to do everything together. We both have different interests and hobbies, but the secret is to re-connect after events and share experiences regardless.


  • I will be happy, bubbly and fun to be with. See a bright side in everything, inspire and look carefully even every problem has a silver lining. Seeking friends with the same outlook and attitude in life.

Qualities for a Good Friend. Girlfriend lying on the grass with mustache, fake glasses and thick eyebrows being funny face

  • Non-Judgemental. See every situation from a neutral corner. I will not judge from my point of few, it might not be balanced. Listen and put me in their shoes and relate to their problem. What will be the best solution for them?


  • Never try to dominate by convincing my perspective as the only way. Make them feel confident and secure about who they are. It is the uniqueness that attracted us to each other in the first place.


Having a good relationship with a best friend boosts happiness, reduces stress, and improves confidence and self-worth.



What is a Good Friend


In conclusion my dear, best friends have integrity and are attentive, available, believable, caring, easy-going, faithful, considerate, empathetic, compassionate, forgiving, loyal, humorous, good listener, generous, gentle, giving, respectful, honest and kind but most of all, fun to be with.

Qualities for a good friend are a mouthful but easy to be when finding a real best friend.


“A best friend is he, that when he wishes a person’s good wishes it for that person’s own sake”Aristotle, was a very wise man.

Love you

Gran Estelle

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2 Comments on “What is a Good Friend”

  1. Gran Stella, you have a wonderful way with words.
    How blessed is Thinette to be able to share Grans wisdom and knowledge, as are we.
    I often think some of the basic qualities of a good friend are over looked for the bigger, brighter offerings of others, only to find that under the brightness is sometimes something less remarkable.
    There is some excellent advice for everyone right here.

    1. Thank you for the compliment and motivating comment Fran!

      Yes everybody needs a good sincere and trustworthy friend, it brings so much value to a persons life.

      Choosing a best friend is as important as choosing a partner, it has such a huge influence on one’s life.

      You will find, a surface friend will soon disappear when the benefits disappear.

      They were only friends for the perks they could get from your friendship.

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