What Is a Meaningful Life

My Dear Thinette

Thinette my granddaughter





Are my expectations truly what I want? Will I have a meaningful life with purpose? What will my purpose be? Have I given it a thought? What is it I want from life or am I stuck with my childhood ideas? 

Sometimes that is outdated. The worst enemies we have, are the ideas created with the influence of media and our expectations when growing up. 

 Visions and dreams are different. Dreams are the make-believe fantasies you have. Be brave and make those dreams real by turning them into a vision.

The secret is, to dream big and then make it your goal. Open up enough space in your mind to plan a realistic future, with your dreams and goals as your motivators.

Dreams are Possibilities, but Fantasies are Dangerous - God's ...


How to Find my Calling

  • A meaningful life is a life lived with a purpose. Generally speaking, a service you render according to your talents and values.

  • Find what is important to you. When you know who you are, the next step is to find what gives you pleasure. What is your strength?

  • Find what you are good at and build your future around it. Visualise a future with doable goals. See yourself doing it every day.

  • Name a few topics, ask yourself, does it give me pleasure and how can I be of service. Why would you love to do it for the rest of your life?

  • You might like tennis. The option will be, to become a local training coach. Sell tennis equipment at a sports shop. Start a tennis website giving virtual advice and selling equipment at the same time.

  • Follow the same process with all the topics you have chosen, in the end, there will be a clear winner to become your future.

  • The next step is to experience your topic, go and work for a few months at a sports shop, selling tennis equipment.

  • Assist a local coach and learn from him. 

  • Start a website on the Internet, giving advice and tips on your site, with affiliate marketing for an income to see if that will interest you.

  • Keep on asking ‘Why’ to find the answers, until you come to a dead-end with the answers.  By asking, why do I like it, why do I want it, why does it make me happy etc. You will sift through all the ideas.

  • Planning with vision and then taking action is the only way to get what you want.

  • Remember my dear, failure will come on your path, treat it as a learning curve and not an obstacle. Failure means, you gain experience and are undoubtedly one step closer to success.

  • Ask yourself: Will I be wise and therefore do what I need to do. Be the success I want, or will I procrastinate and wait for the perfect moment, for this miracle to happen?

  • Every goal should have a purpose, certainly, it will make life meaningful.

  • Good planning, with tons of preparation, is important. As a result, the more detail the better, and then the dedicated execution thereof.

  • What is your relationship with yourself? Do you respect the choices you made for your mission?

  • Are you driven to do whatever it takes, or do you fall back and think I will never be able to achieve any. Very important my dear, get the right mindset and tell yourself … I can and I will!

  • There is no time to waste my dear. As an example, when you know what you want, start working on it, immediately.

  • Many important decisions will have to be made, put your shoulder to the wheel and with determination and enthusiasm fulfil your dreams.


What is a meaningful life?

How to Live a Meaningful Life: 5 Tips to Find Your Purpose ...

  • Yes, what is a meaningful happy life? I want to be successful with a purpose.

  • How do I want to live my life? Where do I want to live and what will my standards be?

  • What will I need to do, to achieve those expectations? Will it be hard work, an outstanding skill or for the most part, determination?

  • Have a productive plan for each day. For instance, organise your tasks into hourly sections for every day and have a fixed schedule.

Most of us have visions of living an idyllic life in luxury in utopia, not always realising where it all comes from. 


What Is A Meaningful Life

  How will my Future life look?

~ Find something worthwhile to do every day. Most of all to wake up every morning with a feeling of joy and excitement? 

~ The future, where will I be financially in 10 years? Visualising where you want to be.

~ Ask yourself,  “Are my expectations realistic?” Unrealistic expectations, mostly turn into a bigger problem, my dear. It demotivates you, and along the way, you most certainly will fall back into procrastination.

~ Take a moment and write your life story from now on as you see it. What will the heading and the theme be, where will I work, how will I live and what will my holidays look like? Make predictions.

Who am I in this life story? Will I be the storyteller, wicked participant complaining about everything or on the other hand, the happy Hero?

~ What will my relationships be like?

~ Am I dreaming of a handsome prince kidnapping me.

~ Be someone’s best friend? 

~ Do I have the recipe to be happy for the rest of my life?

~ Building a six-figure affiliate business online, selling courses and being an influencer. 

Back to this moment … much more has to be done to get to that point my dear, therefore lifestyle and habit changes might be in the air to achieve what you want!


Which Way to Go

What Is a Meaningful Life

Let us begin at the beginning and therefore create your plan, but first of all:

  • Get rid of all fantasies and dreams you had. Your biggest obstacle in life is the picture you have created in your head of what your life is supposed to be. That inner voice dictating your relationship with yourself can be detrimental.

Remember expectations are an illusion of what you have created in your mind. 

  • Never live your life according to other people’s ideas. Expectations, especially those of your parents, can ruin your future. They sometimes want to achieve their long lost dream through you. Not meaning any disrespect.


What Is a Meaningful Life

Prepare for your Future

Sign-post showing the way-to-the-next-step-to-your-destination

• Define what your purpose will be and know your route to your destination. First of all, what do you want and how are you going to get there.

•  Discipline, Dedication and Determination are important, not to mention enthusiasm.

• Do your planning in detail, day by day, week by week, month by month etc.

• Overcome obstacles. Treat failure as a lesson learned.

• Learn to Separate issues, prioritise and most importantly, keep records

• Develop High-income skills. Never stop learning.



  1.  At the end of each financial year do your planning for the next year. Create a plan with goals for not only one year, but two years, a five-year plan and a ten-year schedule. 

  2.  Do your 12 monthly planning, divided them into 4 weekly plans for each month.

  3.  Then follow your seven days planning for the weeks.

  4.  Lastly is daily planning.  Lay it out goals and tasks that are easy to accomplish.

  5.  Draw a thin line through it all, leading to your ultimate goal. The best is to know where am I heading.

  6.   Why is it so important to do what I do, and most of all is my road map clear to achieve this goal. 

  7.  The only way to get great results is consistency, consistency, consistency. Have a routine and stick to it.

  8.  Make it a priority and put yourself and your future first.

  9.  Have good positive conversations with yourself, building a winning relationship.

  10.  Only when you believe in yourself and your mission, things will start happening.


Habits to fulfil your Dreams

Affirmations of Dedication and Determination

Both will be needed in huge quantities, therefore, discipline and hard work will be the key to getting what you want.

Make a decision and be very firm with me. Following a tight working schedule, is now your ultimate priority.

Work hard while you are young to harvest the good fruits at old age. Retirement plans are so important and should, therefore, be part of your planning from day one.

Believe in yourself and know you can do it!


 How to Do Your Preparation


To have a meaningful life successful people do thorough planning. Long term and short goals need detailed attention. Follow this link to learn all about thorough planning, firstly the yearly planning, secondly the month by month planning, thirdly your weekly planning and then fourthly a daily schedule. 

Office, Files on a shelf FileAbove all keep proper records. Print it out and keep it in physical files to keep track, or save it to the Cloud.

I do not trust digital devices, have seen quite a few things disappear, never to surface again.


The same hard work and dedication a farmer has to go through, to get meat or veggies on the table are for instance, applicable to reaching goals too.

It does not happen overnight, as a matter of fact, you will have this assignment until you reach your goals. 

No magic wand, in other words, it is a lengthy process before you can harvest the fruit of your labour. 

As a result,  you have to budget your time and money well. Do spoil yourself and take a break, but for the rest of the time, be dedicated to your goal.


What Is A Meaningful Life

Managing your Obstacles

  • Stay calm and overcome obstacles with logic. Search for information and gain enough knowledge on the subject to give you confidence.

  • Learn to think out of the box. Find a different approach to solve a problem, for example, look at it from a different angle.

  • Never complicate issues. First of all, see it for what it is and not what you think it is. Don’t take it personally.

  • Find a way to turn these challenges into advantages.


My Support Team

Surround yourself with honest people who are trustworthy and wise, to form your support group. First of all, people are willing to help you achieve your success.

You will need this reinforcement group of people for the rainy days. Select experienced friends, who are sincerely interested in your well being.

It will mostly be the older people in your life. Finding wisdom and moral support from mentors, to guide and motivate in specific areas, are, therefore, a necessity my dear. 


Learn to Separate 

What are My Expectations of Life. Man caring boxesSeparate different occurrences and issues in life. Put everything that happens to you in separate little boxes in your mind.

Each on his own and has nothing to do with each other, consequently, only in the bigger picture it does.

As an example, if you had a flat tyre it was nobody’s fault. Fix the tyre, get over it and move on!

In other words, see it as an experience and a lesson to be learned.

Close the box and file it in the archives of your mind, most importantly, don’t carry it with you the whole day. Moaning and groaning about it, won’t change anything, it will only steal your joy and chase everybody away!


What Is A Meaningful Life

How to fulfil My Purpose?

New Skills

Equip yourself for success. The best is high-income skills are necessary, to differentiate and become unique.

Do some self-study, take applicable courses, in addition, read all you can and gain more knowledge to become an expert in your chosen field.

Know more than everybody else on the subject, always stay one step ahead. Become the specialist.

Read a lot to empower yourself and to become an authority in your field. Never stop learning.


 What is a high-income skill?

It is not a general skill acquired in everyday work, it will have to have the distinction to be unique and scares. For instance, not a normal office worker, but become the best copywriter.

Selecting a speciality group is not the everyday skill to earn more money. Specialise in your strength.

Choose a career in demand, one that will still be there in a few years. Develop it to the ultimate. With the digital era come many changes, the best way is to find a career in service. 

A desire to become an authority in your field. It only comes with knowledge and above all, the application thereof, my dear.


Streetwise Lady

What should you do?

• Update your planning continuously according to happenings, my dear. Changing trends and world economics can most certainly, have a huge impact on your future.

• Build a strong foundation of skills for your future. To make those dreams and expectations come true, it is best to set your standards high. 

• Have a vision, dream big, and most importantly, always stay one step ahead.

To understand yourself is to certainly create a meaningful life.



How to Create a Balanced Life of Abundance

There are a couple of methods to enrich, firstly the quality of your private life and also your career.

They will need different sets of expertise to develop, in addition to keeping it separate and balanced.

Let’s look at it at the hand of this example. Everybody has two lives, a private life at home and then your career. Each of these has its own identity and most certainly its box.

Therefore, your personal life stays at home and business life stays at the office. Mixing them will bring a conflict of interest and most of all, divide your attention and relationships.

For instance, while on your way home after work, but the career personality and attitude back in its box. Close the lid and put it on the backseat of the car you can’t achieve anything now.

Simultaneously open your loving family box, and start thinking about the warmth and love at home. As a result, when you get home you will already feel so relaxed.

Do the same in the mornings. On your way to work, leave your private life at the front door.

Now is the time to start thinking of the business day with important decisions to make, in short, shift your focus. 

It might not always be practical, however, this way you will have little stress and maximum harmony.



These letters aim to help you get out of the maze onto the high road to success, my dear. Freedom is ultimate, what everybody strives to have.

Freedom is to become financially independent, to be your own woman inevitably brings the confidence needed.

Do things the way you want it to be, that is the ultimate freedom. Take responsibility for this process, in other words, make it happen.

There are only two ways to be happy, my dear.

Either Change the Situation you are in or Change your Mindset.

What are My Expectations of Life. Window with handwritten words  LOVE MY LIFE!Know where you are going and, more so, keep moving, my love. Never stay at the crossroads and worst of all, don’t let everybody else gets past.

Find what gives your life purpose, more so, what brings the feeling to be proud of what you are doing. Create a system to accomplish it.

When planning your goals, have your vision and dreams in mind, furthermore, be specific.

Begin with the End in Mind, and finally, start working like there is no tomorrow to reach those goals, my dear.

There is no time to procrastinate!


Love you lots. 

Gran Stella.

Gran Stella

Inspire Motivate and Empower the Next Generation



23 Comments on “What Is a Meaningful Life”

  1. Hi Stella,

    I love reading these letters to your granddaughter. Indeed, these letters serve as a guidance not just to her but also to those reading it. It is really true that every success starts at a good and strong foundation or base.
    Thanks for these letters.

    1. This niche has chosen me out of need Joyce it is good to know it will serve a greater purpose to more than just the teenagers. Thanks for your comment.
      Happy reading

  2. Wow! This is an amazing way to help you grandchild and getting others involved with great tips and tricks how to hack the code of life! Looking forward to read more.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Fredrik! Felt very different between all the serious factual sites. This niche has chosen me. I saw the need for guidance in my granddaughter.
      Happy reading.

  3. What a great idea. I love your letter and the principles you recommend are valuable throughout all phases of our lives. Planning, dedication, and hard work is the formula for success in every endeavour we undertake.

    1. Thank you Joe appreciate your kind comment. If young people will just realise how quick time goes by. Soon they will be at the age to retire and are still dreaming.
      Your summary is spot on those are the keys to your success.
      Take care

    1. We were all there, only want to do our own thing. If only one knows how much valuable time gets wasted.
      Successful young people are the ones who took advice early on.
      Thank you for commenting James I appreciate it.
      Take care

    2. Hi James
      Don’t we all have that problem? If only ……
      I know the young ones don’t want to be told but soon they find out they don’t know it all and that is why I write these letters.
      It will always be there and they can come and read it in private whenever they need it, no one will know … lol
      Thank you for your comment

  4. Hi Gran Stella,

    Great post and idea! Love the concept. So many young people these days are lost and have no direction. Suffering through life as they stumble their way forward. Having a meaning and purpose is so important for the young (as well as the old!)

    Once they work out their meaning it becomes like a light house and guides them. Thanks for helping Thinette find her way! We all need a Gran Stella!


    1. It is so true but when you are that age, you know best and fun is more important.
      Lets hope this message will help more.
      The tragedy is no parent is educating their kids. They all get send out to the world thinking it is their oyster and someone else will do the work for them!
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. As I read this the first of what appears as a series of letters to her granddaughter I wish this had come from my grandmother about 60 years ago. Though some of what Stella writes is directed at young ladies a huge portion is meaningful to young men.

    Even now at almost 80 it si going to be interesting seeing how many points Stella presents that I can capture to apply to my own life experiences toward the goals I set for myself.

    1. Barry it is written to my granddaughter because it is all I have and really wanted to make it personal.
      I accept the challenge to see if I can teach the proverbial dog new tricks.
      Thank you for your valuable comment.

  6. Hey Stella,

    This is a wonderfully crafted and quite interesting read here. You succeed in depicting a powerful message that every youngster has to understand.

    1. Where I stay it is a need for the young to know these basics. If a parent does not teach them this at home where else will they get the knowledge from and sad to say most parents do not give this a second thought.
      Thank you for a very motivating comment.

  7. Thank you for the article. I’m 59 and still looking for my expectations in life. LOL! But you have a clear and concise plan for people to work and plan for their future. I enjoyed reading your article.

    1. Hi Daniel
      I believe very few people our age sat down and planned our future. Times were different. Now a days planning it important and necessary to survive let alone make a success.
      It is never to late, one can still do some planning for the rest of our time.
      Thank you for your comment.

    1. Thank you Schalk for your comment. It will motivate me to carry on. It is the only way to get a message through to the young people. Letting them read it in secret!
      I appreciate it thank you!
      Take care

  8. I enjoyed reading your site. Great idea to pass on some hard-earned lessons. Some really good advice there. Too many folks-I would say the majority-are just floaters, drifting along with the flow of life and not really focusing on finding a place to establish a beachhead.

    One has to have anchor points in order to know who and what you are and what you stand for. Like the old adage says, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Having those anchor points aids in plotting a course and provides a place to reorient to if you stray away from your intended path.

    A few of my anchor points are:

    One of my favorite axioms goes, “They can’t get your goat if they don’t know where you keep it tied.” Keep your vulnerable areas a closely guarded secret and never let them see you sweat. Your detractors are always looking for chinks in your armor.

    Keep your comments positive. Be slow to criticize, even when asked and quick to compliment. Best to say nothing at all if you can’t say something positive. (A tough one for we-the-opinionated) lol

    Your popularity and perception of your intellect grow in proportion to your ability to encourage others to talk about themselves.

    Best of luck with your site and to your grand daughter.

    1. Great advice Casey, thank you, especially about the positive comments!

      This will be a drop in the ocean but I just have to get it out and say it.
      Making money is not important on this site, it might come later but for now, it is the guidance that counts.

      The feeling that the youth are left to find their own way, without giving them real values to hold on to, is everywhere to be seen.
      The evil forces have all the influence today, and nobody cares?

      I appreciate your comment! Very inspiring and motivating!
      Thank you!

      p/s Hi Casey I visit your site and comment on your post of the Injured Paws but could not get in added. By the way, I loved the article, great info!

  9. Great advice. I don’t think enough young people spend much time actually planning and making a road map on how to achieve the future they desire. Most are probably unaware that their future life is dependent on all of the decisions that they are making now.
    It’s so important to dream about what we want to achieve, get a clear picture in our heads as to how we want to be living in 5 or 10 years time, and then setting out the steps that will allow us to achieve it.
    After all, our future is in our hands if we want it to be. Or we could just stumble around, reacting to events, circumstances, and the advice of those close to us and accept whatever life throws at us? A much wiser choice is, as you have clearly explained here, to accept responsibility for our own lives and the circumstances we attract to ourselves and actively participate to achieve all that we desire.
    Many thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you for a spot-on inspiring comment Andrew! If we all had just known way back then. Very few people did the planning in the early days of adulthood. The days of letting it be what will be are gone forever. As you say the future is in your hands, don’t let it slip away. Create your own sphere where you can thrive in.
      I appreciate your comment and value the advice, Andrew.
      Kind Regards.

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