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What does it mean and how do I become a Siren Woman Gran you will ask? Well, my dear, to be confident and walk tall is a good start. According to the dictionary,  she is a classy intelligent lady who, first of all, is a confident seductress, a charmer, a femme fatale, a goddess, a sex symbol, a temptress and a vamp. Kind of a modern-day Cleopatra.

Nonverbal Attention

Become a Siren Woman, Confident-woman-with-head-held-high-A siren woman demands attention in a subtle nonverbal unobtrusive way.  Confidence is the secret, just be self-assured and be who you truly are.

 Well-groomed, proud to be who you are, without arrogance and above all, be your natural self. Friendly, laughing a lot and being happy are part of it.

Every woman should inspire to become one. The secret is to go very subtle about it, and certainly, all men worthy will take note and see you as a valuable woman, a price to be won.

Have you ever had the feeling at a party or gathering, you are invisible? You are there, but, no one sees or hears you?

It is a horrible feeling to be a wallflower, you want to go home and hide under the bed, but it is easy to overcome my dear.

With a few changes in attitude and mindset, it will be easy to finally become a Siren Woman and the Belle of the Ball! You will feel all eyes on you.

Know what persona inspires you to become a siren woman.

~  You might be the outgoing laughing extrovert and fun-loving woman, in contrast always be discrete and never too loud.

~   Are you a soft shy girly type, the introvert, then you accentuate being a seductive silent flirt with the look in your eye.

Always be fun but never be loud. Say as little as possible about your private life. Stay the mystery woman. Make it all about the other person or people.

A Classy Confident Woman

Know what kind of man you want to attract, not just everybody in the group, and know what characteristics are important. Be selective and wise. Having your list of habits and values handy is the best way to have clarity.

  •  Formulate what you want, and what is important to you in your life. What characteristics should a man have, and most of all,  what will make you happy!

  • Should he be a serious, sporty, outgoing or funny guy? This is only the first layer of choices.

  • Set boundaries. Create your value, because men love a lady who has boundaries. Stick to it to maintain your value, no matter what, be consistent.

  • Should he be religious, academic, professional, nerdy or a practical skilful man? This is the next layer of choices, my dear and then you get the non-negotiable characteristics, trustworthiness, honesty, loyalty, respect and reliability.

  • Find what you are passionate about, and focus all your attention to develop the skills to make a success. It creates fulfilment and happiness.

    Siren Woman Demands Nonverbal Attention Woman sitting painting

  • Empower yourself. It can be music, art, academics, gardening and plants or an entrepreneur, most of all enjoy what you are doing.


  • Being financially independent is the most important asset in the life of a great woman. It gives you the confidence needed for high self-esteem and a positive outlook. Find the job you love.

Be A Siren Woman

Become a Geisha girl.

  • Love yourself. Make peace and forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past, best of all, become your own best friend.

  • The mind is like fertile soil … you reap what you sow, and take great care to sow only positive seeds.

  • Never compare yourself to other women. You are authentic and unique, so love your body… there is nothing sexier for a man if his woman is comfortable in her skin and confidently loves the body she is in, no matter her weight or size.

  • Put the spotlight on yourself by your appearance. In public dress to highlight your assets.

  • If it is your eyes make sure to accentuate them, wear subtle makeup. Men prefer their women to have a natural look and wear earrings to draw attention upward to it.

  • Become a Siren Woman, Stylish-dresses-ladies-sitting proudly.You might have nice breasts, or beautiful legs, therefore, wear tops or dresses to enhance your asset, never too revealing.

  • Showing off is an art, never too tight or revealing, always stylish. You may have a good tight bum, show it off in a subtle way by wearing snug fitted jeans or skirts.

  • Remember, never go over the top, keep it classy and in good taste. It must enhance your value and never go beyond your boundaries, except in the bedroom.

  • Be fun to be around, men love a great smile. Do not take life too seriously no matter what the circumstances are.

  • Always comment to see the lighter side of a situation. It shows you are a strong woman.

  • Do not panic easily, or be a drama queen. Nothing should get you under. Handle all with style.

  • Be able to receive a compliment with grace, therefore, never be arrogant. Be a bit shy but always thank him generously.

  • Ask your man for his advice and help with a heavy item and more so accept his assistance. This is very crucial, my dear. He will feel important and needed, most of all, it will boost his self-esteem.

  • Be a diverse woman, never be predictable with stereotypical looks and behaviour, and always change your hairstyle, dress code and where you want to go.

This is the trick to make him feel he is with a different woman every time, it fills the need to be with multiple women. Never fall into a routine, it is very boring.

  •  Siren Woman Demands Attention Nonverbally and who have multiple looks, never the same.Stay a challenge subtly, and let him ‘chase’ you. Show just enough of your personality to keep him interested but stay a mystery.

  • When you are constantly in his face, he will feel too secure and loses interest, be the ‘may-be’ mystery woman that stays just out of scope.

  • He must have an elusive feeling that is attainable. Be never too available, and let the challenge continue. Find ways to challenge him every day.

  • Postpone feel-good activities for a silly reason, or make him do certain things before he can achieve a feel-good act, on the other hand, never manipulate your man.

  • First of all, have your own life with your friends and activities, and let him have his too.

  • You will have your mutual friends and activities too as a couple, therefore, giving each other space will make the bond much stronger.

A Strong Independent Woman

Strong relationships exist when two whole people come together to share life. This is the love every man and woman is striving for.

There is a unique permanent beauty in an independent woman. It excites and most of all sustains a man’s interest over time, creating depth and lasting love far beyond physical.

The greatest gift you can give your partner is your personal growth and development. Say to each other:” I will take care of Me for You” and “You will take care of You for Me.”

In other words, take care of your own EMOTIONS and expect your partner to take care of his/her own. Nobody ‘owns’ anybody.


There is a subtle difference between being supportive or in contrast, never being an obligation.

Any sacrifices made for another must come naturally, as a self-directed choice and not an obligation.

To become a siren woman is art, and should come naturally. Silently scream attention.

The greatest skill my darling is to get attention without being overbearing and arrogant. Stay humble, have good confidence, and most of all, carry yourself with grace. Be a siren woman.

Love you

Grandma Estelle

Picture of Estelle


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  1. Hi Stella, great tips here! Definitely will be trying these out 😉 Can I just ask – would you recommend these specific tips to any age range, or would it work with anyone really? Thank you!

    1. Hi Monika It is applicable to all ages, married or just starting a relationship.
      I have tried them with great results, therefore can recommend the tips with honesty.
      A change in attitude can make a huge difference.
      Thank you for stopping by and your comment.

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