What Is Emotional Intimacy

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What Is Emotional Intimacy? Love and romance are always on everybody’s lips but the third one of the trio is emotional intimacy. Intimacy is the bonding substance of a relationship.

How do I create intimacy? Allow yourself to be madly in love and at the same time feel vulnerable. Sharing everything and being open about it is hard to do if there is no trust.

 Allowing yourself to connect more deeply with your partner through actions that express feelings

They are all different elements of the ultimate relationship. They have all profound different meanings, but a combination of them all creates a perfect harmony, my dear.

Not everybody is blessed with an intimate relationship. It takes the willingness to do so and then hard work.  Let’s find out what you can do …

What Is Emotional Intimacy

How Can I Help You

How to Describe Love

It is an overwhelming settled feeling of caring, trust, respect, honesty and loyalty that wells up from deep inside. All wrapped up in a smile on your face.


True love is the feeling of protection and the willingness to sacrifice beyond this life, unconditionally, without any expectations or limitations.


Love has no judgment and never wants to change another. It goes deeper than attraction, affection, and lust.

How to Demonstrate Love

When you love someone you have different feelings and attitudes toward that person. You are softer, more compassionate and willing to please.


  • Their well-being and needs are a priority.

  • The need to protect and keep them safe.

  • Listen with intense interest to what they say.

  • Make the number one, and give them your full attention.

  • Spend as much time with them as possible.

  • Touch and hug every day.

  • Just to be together in silence.

  • Look them in the eye and say, I love you and appreciate you.

  • Have patience and support them.

  • Know the love language of your partner.

  • Do little everyday things you know will please them, surprise them and make them happy.

  • Be a Team, always on the same side against all problems, a formidable force.

  • Always be honest and truthful, and never lie.


What Is Emotional Intimacy



Romance is the constant feeling of pleasure, doing something special for your loved one. The small everyday things are the most overlooked elements of romance.

What Is Emotional Intimacy Girl with a loving smile

Do the little things, your partner likes or those things that are part of their daily routine. It will show you care and put a happy smile on her face.


Create a surprise moment of appreciation, they will adore you, and it will make them feel very special and happy.



Tips for How To Be Romantic


RomanceWhat Is Emotional Intimacy Man-embrasing-woman-from-her-back-and-knead-dough-together-gastronomy- is in the eye of the beholder. Everybody can give flowers and gifts and it could mean nothing, but personal attention is different.

An arranged candlelight dinner with soft light and music is not the only way, but most people think it is.


Doing little intimate things to show you care. It means so much more.


  •  Run her a bath with her favourite bath fragrance after a long day

  •  Start her car on a cold morning, and let it run a little before she goes to work.

  •  Surprise him with his favourite dish without asking.

  •  An unexpected breakfast in bed.

  •  Organise his undie drawer colour coded.

  • What Is Emotional Intimacy A-man-embracing-a-woman-and-give-her-a-rose-red-rose-Pick her a flower or a bunch of selected grass seeds and give them from your heart.

  •  Surprise her with only one of her favourite flowers and a handwritten card.

  •  Have his favourite beverage, gown and slippers ready. Help him change right there in the lounge in front of the TV.

  •  Arrange a private weekend, lock all doors and switch off all electronics, to rekindle.

  •  A picnic on a blanket with homemade snacks in the garden is excellent.

  •  Surprise your partner with the little things you know they love.

  • Send her poems or words with special love messages. In other words, love letters.

  •  Old-fashioned gentlemanly manners can be so romantic.

All will be appreciated with wonderful bonding elements.


What Is Emotional Intimacy

Intimacy is Rare


Intimacy is a rare element in a relationship. Knowing each other deeply and utterly brings closeness.


To feel vulnerable and still safe at the same time is only possible with intimacy. The mutual feeling of vulnerability, trust and belonging, makes it possible.


Security, trust, respect and honesty nestle deep inside and manifest in overwhelming love, adoration and desire. It amplifies and takes the relationship to a whole new level.


Not everybody is prepared to be open, honest and vulnerable, therefore, they sacrifice the essence of a healthy relationship.


It is a mutual feeling of being exposed to the core but in a protected safe environment of belonging. The freedom it brings is incredible.


The secret is to share every aspect of life. Your fears, your desires, your history and the visions you have with this special person. This creates intimacy.


Your past, present and future, be open and hide nothing whatsoever. It might be a scary thought, my dear, but once you have done it, it brings this most incredible peace.


When you can’t be honest and prepared to share it all, you cannot experience an intimate relationship. Intimacy is emotional and physical oneness, with no barriers.


How to Have Emotional Intimacy

Intimacy is when two independent lovers create an interdependence to support, trust and respect each other emotionally.


In a committed relationship, be prepared to show all of yourself and your beliefs to your partner and vice versa.


Only a few people are willing to open up and share everything to build an intimate relationship with your partner.

It will only happen if you love and trust the person unconditionally.


What are Love and Romance

Steps to Create Intimacy


  • What Is Emotional Intimacy Couple hugging and chattingDo you feel comfortable putting your life in that person’s hands?

  • Are you prepared to share your history, no matter what you have done?

  • Share all the intimate details of love affairs you have had, yes all of it. It might be used to spice up your relationship.

  • Hide nothing from each other. Be open and talk about anything and everything.

  • Discuss openly how this relationship makes you feel, and what you are expecting from it.

  • Feel comfortable discussing differences, and maybe agree to disagree as two individuals. Respect is the key.

  • Relax in the knowledge that you have support and every situation can be solved as a team.

  • Find ways to solve a problem and make compromises in the name of love.

  • Discuss your sex life openly.

  • Use your electronics to stay close, and send intimate messages often with a picture too, even from the room down the passage.


This is only possible when you completely trust and respect the other person, my dear.


What Is Emotional Intimacy

Benefits of These Three Components



Being in love brings a whole new rainbow into your life. You see the world through different eyes. Love has a soft Ora and filter that influence mental as well as physical health.


What Is Emotional Intimacy Heart-with-fingerprint-images-The overwhelming feeling of devotion and caring fills your body with new life and excitement. Being in love will lower stress levels and blood pressure.


It will boost your immune system, and make you live longer. Making you look younger with a glow on your skin, making you look younger.


Love contributes to your mental health too. You will have more confidence.


The support and attention from your partner, boost your self-esteem and self-worth and validate you as a person.


It makes you more compassionate and you will have more patience.




Many people see romance as a practice only while courting. Romance does not stop after courting, it still has a role to play with great benefits, even at seventy.


It is an ongoing everyday process of showing and showering your love on your partner. Keeping a happy healthy relationship alive.


Romance keeps you connected and aware of each other in a loving appreciative way.


This is an essential part of a relationship. When you love your partner deeply this will take no effort. Every action comes naturally to enhance your lover’s life.


Romance is a tool you can use to show your love and devotion. It is joyful and exciting with nostalgia down memory lane.

Emotional Intimacy

Intimacy is the ultimate level in a relationship, and not everybody reaches this level.



What Is Emotional Intimacy A couple-sitting-in-nature-and-chat-intimately-We flourish in intimacy, this is one thing a human requires to be fulfilled. Physical and emotional intimacy is vital for a happy healthy relationship.

This does not happen overnight, my dear, it is a lifelong commitment to be open and honest.



It needs tender loving care and some devotion. Strive to be two bodies with one soul.

I found this excellent advice about Intimacy by Sara Kuburic on Instagram.com


Intimacy and your sex life


This is the most important bonding element in your relationship. Discuss your sex life with your partner, and be truthful about what your likes and dislikes are. It will take your relationship to a different complete paradise.


Talk in the same language and be open. Discuss topics such as prostitution, extreme sex, polyamory and taboos, because it is natural.

Everybody is curious, and where better to talk about it than within the safety of your trusted intimate relationship?


Decide what is acceptable and what is not, between the two of you. Be honest and open.


Feel secure in the knowledge that you have a safe place to share your intimate thoughts.

What Is Emotional Intimacy Young-couple-making-out-on-a-duvet-on-the-floor

What happens in your bedroom has nothing to do with the world out there.




The level of deepness in an emotionally intimate relationship is indescribable. It should be on the list of all couples to achieve.


Men might find it hard because they are taught from a young age not to show any weakness or vulnerability.


What Is Emotional Intimacy TRUST-written-in-the-sand-You have to earn their trust before they will open up to you and share their deepest secrets, my dear. With true love and trust, it is possible.

When he is The One and you are mutually deeply in love, it will happen naturally.


My dear, make this a priority in your relationship!


Love you

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