Hi, I am Estelle, and welcome to my site!

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I am so excited you are here.

My mission and desire are to empower people and share life’s experiences. Most of it was taught to me by my parents. The most loving and caring people with a vision.


When you think of the future it is usually very exciting and full of anticipation. All starry-eyed, at last, you can fulfil your dreams. Little did you realise how much planning is needed to make it a success.


When I observe all the hiccups she experienced in her relationship, I realised many young people and older folks, have the same problems.  I had to do something to fill the void.


My most immense joy is to help people find the magic of blissful relationships. To understand each other better with, ultimately, no more misconceptions. I am giving everyone the knowledge of a deeper understanding, of what it means to be in love. Ignorance often plays a huge role.


Letters to my Granddaughter are very dear to my heart. Not just guiding in relationships, but the purpose of the letters is to show young adults about success and happiness.


The reason for writing these letters, packed with information, is my love for my granddaughter, therefore I desire to see her succeed and be happy.


Hearing people make comments and jokes about their partner made me realise, how much there is there they don’t know. Sharing this knowledge in the form of letters was a solution. Precious time is being wasted and most of all, mistakes are being made through ignorance, causing sorrow.


A good and healthy Relationship was the first motivator to write these letters. Everybody deserves intimate love and happiness.


Next is the finances. Earning that first salary is absolute freedom. It is wonderful to have your own money to spend as you like. It can get so quickly out of hand though. All the wonderful goods on sale and offer but not enough money to buy. Planning your Finances was the next important aspect.


To know who you are and what you want in life is the magic key to unlocking fulfilment and happiness. Self Awareness is crucial to experiencing a balanced life.


At last, she has a life and can do her own thing. Setting up a new living space from scratch can be overwhelming. Guidelines for what is needed to create a Healthy Lifestyle are all new. We start with the kitchen, the heartbeat of any home.


Let’s have a look, read more, and find out what is needed …