Why these Letters


A Warm Welcome!


My name is Estelle and I have a letter, especially for you …

Dear Reader

Have you wondered about the next generation and the leaders of tomorrow? I am pretty sure you have, every generation has that fear. Still, the world goes on and on and improves by the day.

Now I am sure you are curious about me and why did I choose to write these Letters to my Granddaughter?

When situations occur in ignorance, and misunderstandings create havoc in relationships, it is heartbreaking.

Not always easy when the general thinking is, what do old people know, and push them aside.

Guiding young people with letters and showing alternatives to overcome life’s challenges, can be motivating.

Assist to help find who they are, what they want, and where they want to go. At the same time give perspective on how simple a happy and successful life can be.

Having healthy relationships with yourself and your loved ones are key. Do you know who you are, and most of all, what do you want to achieve in life? What do you desire, and what will your lifestyle be?  Become the best You, and realize you might have to change a few habits and become successful.

Knowing more about the behaviour of men and women in love. How to select a partner for a healthy relationship that will last forever and ever is what we discuss.

Assisting with old school guidance, to become successful and happy, talk about topics, never discussed at home. Chock-a-block full of ways to find your way through the maze with sometimes alternative options.

My name is Estelle and as a teacher, my concern and sympathy lie with the slow and lost ones. The focus is mostly on the top achievers.

Growing up as an only child, generosity and assisting others in need, was a lifestyle. Therefore the example set by my dear parents in helping and caring for others is in my genes.

Most importantly with this living experience, I easily see the relationship mistakes my granddaughter makes, mostly out of ignorance. Above all, being at the vulnerable stubborn stage, it is hard to advise young people. At long last, the idea of the letters was born.

With these letters, I intend to lay a foundation. Assisting the young adults and leaders of the future on multi-levels.

Addressing most aspects of life from lifestyle, self-development, finding who you are and subsequently the most important topic, loving relationships. Not everything will be acceptable for everyone, the best will be to choose what suits you and your circumstances.

Developing successful personality habits, preparing for a bright future, a long term relationship and how to be a good friend.

Having Emotional Intelligence to make the best decisions as a leader is crucial, what it is, and how to have Integrity?

These letters in Letters to my Daughter and Granddaughter are certainly not in any way professional advice. It is a reflection of my own experiences and what I was taught. They will need some of this later, and I might not be around to tell them.

Therefore,  I forward practical experiences in letters to my daughter Minette and granddaughter Thinette, and to those who read the letters.

Enjoy a bit of nostalgia and habits of days gone by, some long forgotten.

Kind regards